Create Red Carpet Worthy Jewelry Designs

The SAG (Screen Actor’s Guild) awards were held while I was in Tucson last year. For those of us lodging together, we had fun dishing about the red carpet and the designs seen on the celebrities. We had even more fun finding materials to design with while shopping the shows and tapping into the latest trend ideas.

regal_colors on the red carpet

As we get ready for the Tucson shows again, we’re looking back at last year’s trends and anxious to see what we’ll learn from this year’s red carpet.

From the Red Carpet 2016

We were thrilled to see many wearing what appeared to be beaded cuff-style bracelets and gorgeous, large encrusted necklaces and earrings.

Beaded cuffs and jewelry designs on the red carpet

Turns out the beaded cuffs were made with diamonds and the encrusted designs chock full of diamonds and faceted gemstones. We don’t have the budget to mimic these trends exactly but we can make similar designs using different materials. A few examples:

For the wide diamond cuff, you could use crystal beads and/or pearls stitched in a design like “Royal Duchess,” found in the Red Carpet Ready Beads digital collection.

Royal Duchess, Jennifer VanBenschoten

“Royal Duchess,” Jennifer VanBenschoten

Create Your Own Trends

Crystal fancy stones and metallic seed beads, stitched in a design like “Symphony Necklace” by Anna Raymond would certainly fit the bill for the larger encrusted gemstone styles. For a matching pair of earrings, consider beading two of the smaller components from the necklace design, then add earwires.

Christina Ricci wearing Fred Leighton jewels on the red carpet

Christina Ricci wearing Fred Leighton jewels

"Symphony Necklace" by Anna Raymond

“Symphony Necklace,” by Anna Raymond

Brooches were not trending on the red carpet but I did see a lot of them while in Tucson. The “Millenium Brooch” by Carol Wilcox Wells, also found in Red Carpet Ready Beads digital collection, would be a great way to combine my boots-on-the-ground trend with the regal, encrusted gemstone look seen on the red carpet.

Millenium brooch by Carol Wilcox Wells

“Millenium Brooch,” by Carol Wilcox Wells

A few other overall trends:
We are still seeing cutouts in clothing.

cut outs in gowns seen on the red carpet

Shoes remain high-heeled and fabulous. Clutches were small and boxy in shape. Some were colorful and many were totally sparkling. Yay! I love this shape, love the colors and love the bling!

clutches in colors and metallics on the red carpet

Seeing the sparkling clutch trend (or is it now a classic since it’s been “in” for so long?) gave me a nudge to get back to the Judith Leiber clutch blanks I found at BeadFest. The clutch is patiently waiting to be decked out with crystal flat backs and will make great accessories once I finish it. And maybe, just maybe I’ll have one done in time for the Oscars this year and an anniversary dinner date with my husband. Wish me luck!

Judith Leiber purse red carpet worthy once blinged out

Keep your eye peeled for the jewelry designs on the red carpet this year. Then have fun shopping and making new beaded jewelry designs.

Updated article from Feb 2016

Create Red Carpet Worthy Designs


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