Create Jewelry: Designing with Palettes

What do I love about our special issue, Create Jewelry 2014? The color palettes. Our editors had a blast hand selecting each of the palettes and working with our graphic designer, Connie Poole, to bring them to life. The use of color palettes in this issue creates unity, yet at the same time, variety. The magazine’s pages are jam-packed with designs in which no two are alike, however, in each color palette you’re sure to find a pair of earrings to match any necklace or bracelet you may fancy.

As we are busy working on our 2015 issue of Create Jewelry, I spent some time in the last few weeks reminiscing about the issue we released last year and wanted to share some of my favorite color schemes. Our contributors came up with so many beautiful designs, and I’m just as excited about those we have in store for you in 2015! Keep your eyes out for our 2015 issue of Create Jewelry, releasing this June!

Now it’s your turn to share with me! What have you learned about designing with color schemes? Any tips for successfully sticking to the schemes, but making your designs unique? I’d love to hear from you!


~Megan Lenhausen



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