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Kristal Wick
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I am one lucky ducky; I've never wanted to change my name. No, not even once. (Okay, maybe once, when I was seven and couldn't find a cute little wall plaque at the store with my name on it. They always spelled it wrong!) Thanks, Mom. That said, my lifelong love for my namesake crystals has me adding them to anything and everything I can. I hang them from my rearview mirror as well as from my neck, wrists, and earlobes, which keeps me constantly surrounded by those lovely beauties.

When flipping through the pages of our new special issue 101 Bracelets, Necklaces, and Earrings I found some projects that will satisfy my crystal addiction. I am dying to make Fancy Girl by Debbie Blair because of the fun color variations of the crystals. This easy stringing project is great for when I'm on-the-go as are several other projects found in this issue.

 Make Your Jewelry Wireworking Portable


I travel quite a bit and really enjoy taking my projects with me. A container as simple as a cigar box or a small plastic storage box is the perfect traveling studio. Beware: If you’re making sparkling wireworked jewelry in a public place like an airport, interruptions from curious onlookers will definitely slow down your production! These five-step crystal wire links that follow are great for on-the-go gals and guys. Have some fun with them yourself! 


1) Colored wire comes in a wide range of colors. Cut colored wire into pieces—two different lengths of 20-gauge wire. (I try to stick to consistent lengths: five and seven inches work well).


2) Bend wire slightly in half and roll one end into a tight coil. Make sure he beginning circle in the center of the loop is big enough for a jump ring to fit through.


3) Add a crystal and roll the other side into a coil and you have a luscious link.


4) Add three or five crystals and you get endless variations.

  5) Make as many links as you wish and connect them with jump rings. Add a toggle and sparkle on!

Some wire link variations made by adding my Batik Beauty fabric beads and dangles. Create the dangles by using a head pin and connect it to the jump ring.

  There are tons of ways to make wire links for beads of all sizes and shapes. The Falling Leaves bracelet by Beth Garbo is perfect for showing off the unique beads in your stash. I love how the squiggles would give every bracelet a different look.


What I really loved about 101 Bracelets, Necklaces, and Earrings is the variety of projects, from classic pearls to stones and crystals, there is something for every style. I've learned a lot of great techniques and these ideas are just a jumpstart to get you designing your own creative wireworked jewelry. Enjoy!

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