Create a Seed Bead Necklace with an Interchangeable Pendant

Prest-o, Change-o

I may own the last reversible skirt in America.  You don't see them much in catalogs or on store racks, so when I saw one a few years ago, I snatched it up.  To be honest, I've only worn it with the patterned side showing, but I love the idea that I could wear the plain blue side showing if the mood ever struck.  I especially enjoy packing that skirt for trips.  It lets me pretend that I'm one of those über clever folks who know how to make 27 outfits out of 3 items of clothing and a scarf.

Knowing how much I love my reversible skirt, it should be no surprise I love necklaces with interchangeable pendants.  I own several plain cords in different colors and lengths.  While they certainly work, lately I've been thinking about creating some beadwoven cords for variety.  Here are a few seed bead straps from past issues of Beadwork that caught my eye:

•  Iridescent Braids by Jennifer VanBenschoten braids 3 strips of herringbone together.

Verdant Spirals by Catherine Sathre-Vogel features a double spiral stitch.

Polygon Plaid Necklace by Judith Wood shows a boxy version of African Helix.

• Chinese Coin Lariat by Ruth Ann Grim uses right-angle weave.

So many possibilities!  For my latest Beadwork challenge project (coming in December 2009/January 2010) I ended up creating a herringbone necklace with two different sizes of seed beads.  I strung a removable Lucite flower pendant on the necklace.  I like the pendant, but I love the herringbone strap.  Now I can design pendants to my heart's content!

This week's free project, Katie Hacker's Glitter Chic Choker, features a strap made with a modified daisy chain and two pendant combinations.  Daisy chain can sometimes look too juvenile, so I was delighted by Katie's sophisticated version with a combination of gray, brown, and black seed beads and a crystal star toggle clasp.

New Free Project
Glitter Chic Choker
Katie Hacker

Create a variety of dramatic, glittery focal points using a combination of striking beads, pendants, and interchangeable stick bails.  A subtly sparkly, modified daisy-chain strap works up in an evening and provides and all-purpose background for all the pendants you can dream up.  This project is a companion to Katie's Beading Secrets in the October/November 2009 issue.  In every issue, Katie shares her latest finds and design tips.  This issue features a variety of bails.  Past topics have included unique ideas for using donuts, cones, links, and charm holders. Subscribe to Beadwork today so you don't miss out!

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