Create a Perfect Wire Spiral: Free Video Class

The Wonders of Wire Spirals

Along with simple loops, the spiral was the first wire technique I learned.  In fact, my mom still wears a pair of earrings that I created back then with 8mm black rounds and a silver spiral dangle.  (I try not to cringe when I see them–my technique has greatly improved since then!  Of course, my mom thinks they're just perfect and won't let me redo them.  Sound familar?)

Wire spirals add a sense of playfulness to your jewelry.  As an example, take a look at two recent free projects, the Dancing Spiral Earrings project from Step by Step Wire Jewelry and Jean Campbell's wire bail for a marble.  Fun, right? 

Free Video Class:  Wire Spirals

While both recent free projects included helpful step-by-step photos, I thought you might also enjoy a free video of this technique so you could see the finer details of hand positions and movement.  

In this free 5-minute video, experienced instructor Lisa Niven Kelly walks you through the step-by-step process of creating a wire spiral. If you want to follow along (highly recommended), pull out your chain-nose pliers, round-nose pliers, wire cutters, and a few feet of 20-gauge wire before you press "play" on the video.  Lisa shows silver wire in the video, but you can use copper for practicing to save money. 


Having problems viewing this video? See it on our YouTube Channel!

If you enjoyed this video class, check out the new video classes we're offering, including Wire Jewelry Fundamentals by Lisa Niven Kelly.  I was impressed by this class–Lisa even shows you how to make your own ear wires, which in my experience is not something normally taught in a basic wire class.

Why I Love Video Classes

The best part about videos like these is that you can replay them over and over again until you get the technique down.  I remember when I was first learning how to do wrapped loops I would have someone in my local bead shop show me, think that I "got" it, and then once at home I wouldn't be able to remember how exactly I was supposed to hold my pliers.  So frustrating!  A video would have spared me the embarrassment of admitting that I still didn't get it after my second or third trips for help.  (On the plus side, the helpful folks at my local bead shop quickly learned my name!)  

What do you think?  If you can't have in-person instruction, would you prefer a video or a book/magazine?  Does anyone prefer video to in-person instruction?  (There is that added bonus of beading in your bunny slippers!)  Share your thoughts on the website.


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