Crazy Mixed Up Me

This bracelet depicts my inner being, All the scattered fragments of my brain, my inner person, that sees and communicates through what ifs and nothing is impossible. I can do all things, no matter how hard or how difficult. I have what it takes to press through, to never give up. Dreams are what gives vision to the future. No matter what's happening all around, it doesn't even matter. My joy is full!!!! My life is sweet!!!! I have 8 amazing blessings, all so amazing in their own special ways. They have all kinds of bits and pieces of me in them. Some of which isn't all bad. This bracelet depicts my life, all the crazy roads, all the crazy choices, what was I thinking???? My Dad always talked about the school of hard knocks, but dog-diditly- do Daddy, why did you have to pass that curse onto me???? I never take the easy path, I have to challenge it all, test for myself the good the bad and the ugly of life. I hope at this point I'm headed in the right direction. This gift I have in me, is my evidence that God is real, and He is an amazing Artist. He choose me to create amazing works of Art, allowing Him to use my hands and heart. Having the experience of seeing a piece evolve is so overwhelming, knowing that God has trusted me to do His work. To use the gifts to help the hurting, the ones less fortunate. I'm scattered as I'm called to take care of the widow, the weak, the broken. What if I'm broken and can't fulfill this calling. I can Lord, I can

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