Crafty Subscription Boxes

Have you heard of wine of the month clubs? Frankly, I never saw the appeal; but in the last year a handful of companies have launched a new take on monthly subscription boxes that I can get on board with. Companies like For The Makers, Whimseybox, and Lullubee send out monthly boxes of craft supplies to their subscribers. Each box comes with all of the materials that are needed to make a new project and step by step instructions. I am a lifelong crafter, but I still dread prepping for my projects. Trips to the craft store just aren't my cup of tea–it always seems like I can't find the exact item I need, or end up spending way too much money. So the idea of having everything I need to make up a fun new project just show up at my doorstep sounds too good to be true! The projects always look like a ton of fun (the ones that aren't quite your style can always end up being gifts!) and the subscription fees are modest. 

Check out some of the knockout jewelry projects that these companies have put together for their subscribers:



A craft box subscription will definitely be on my Christmas list this year!


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