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We've all been to craft shows where there's that one vendor whose booth is clearly stealing the show–they've got non-stop business while most other vendors are doing crosswords, praying for the sun to go down, and scamming on the show's food stands. We all want to be that girl, the one whose booth is drowning in business. Well–look no further–I've rallied the best line-up of tips and tricks to make sure you are the belle of the next craft show ball!

1. This post (<–Click here) from blogger Claire of Blah to TADA! is full of tips for cheap, inexpensive, and simply stand-out craft show jewelry displays like this one shown below (who would have thought a little cardboard, sharpie, and paint could create such a wow-factor?!) 


2. This blog post from Debbie Blair (<–Click here) gives you twelve simple yet mandatory tips for selling your jewelry at craft shows ( I love #3: Have a mirror available for customers who wish to try on your jewelry.")

3. Premier Packaging put together this article called "The 5 Elements of Seductive Craft Fair Booth Displays."(<–Click here) That title in itself is seductive, if you ask me!! This article covers: materials to consider for building your booth, theme and color elements to enliven your booth, ideas to create a fantastic atmosphere and environment, important signage considerations, reasons to create abundance vs. clutter, and additional resources and photo ideas!


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4. Check out the Spring 2010 issue of Jewelry Stringing (<–Click here) for an exclusive business-focused Sell & Tell interview with Toni McCarthy where she gives tips specifically targeted at Mastering Outdoor Shows.  

5. Does your jewelry have a vintage/steampunk/thrifty feel? Create a display to match! This blog post on Vintage Market Displays (<–Click here) by the blogger of Birch and Bird is overflowing with nifty ideas you could easily translate into your own craft fair jewelry displays!

Photo via Birch and Bird from Hello, Friend

6. Lastly, be sure to jump on this don't-miss opportunity to be present in a live-webinar with talented artist, Lorelei Eurto. (<–Click here to sign up!!) This live webinar will take place at 1pm EDT on Tuesday, October 7, 2014, and will be 60-90 minutes of the most beneficial information about craft shows including: the application process, tips for setting up your displays, her own personal checklist of items to bring, how to accept payment, taxes, weather tips for outdoor shows, etc. You'll also have a chance to chat with Lorelei during the webinar and ask her any of your own questions! Even if you cannot attend the live webinar at the scheduled time, by signing up you will receive an archived version of the event as well as any handouts and information referenced during the presentation.  Sign up here!

Have any helpful craft show tips of your own? Share them below!

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