Treat Yourself – Why Craft Month Never Ends

I feel like I celebrate craft all year long and am very fortunate as my craft is part of my profession. Some days though, I like to expand my beading and jewelry making to include other things that don’t get as much of my attention. Recently, that turned into a day filled with painting and mixed media.

Painting in the studio.

Regardless of painting, jewelry making, knitting, or sprucing up a flower arrangement, nothing gives me greater satisfaction than making something for someone. I also love to share how I make things with those who want to make the same thing, hence how my career came about.

Part of what comes from all the “crafting” and “making” is a mess! I’m really good at that. And, I’m really good at living and creating amongst my things. I really am. And sometimes, I create better surrounded by “my stuff.” If you’re like me, you are probably also fortunate to have people in your life who don’t understand this. Funny how opposites really do attract!

Sometimes a mess and making can go hand in hand.

What has worked in my favor on this point—my wonderful husband has had a heavy hand in helping me reorganize my office and studio space. We can’t make the room bigger but he figured out how I can see more of what I own, be inspired by things I love to work with (my tools), and in general find it easier to put things away when I do clean up. And I have to say. This system is really working!

Getting the studio workspace cleaned up.

On another wall, which is still a work in progress, you might recognize the Talenti jars filled with seed beads. Intrigued? Read “Free How to Bead Storage” to learn how to remove the labels from these great jars. You’re on your own for how to eat the amazing ice cream!

Amazing bead wall in the organized studio space, truly inspiring!

Another piece in my studio you might recognize is the tool organizer on my desk. This “lazy-susan” like caddy has become like a best friend. “She’s” always there, complete with just the right thing to offer at the right time, and ready whenever I need her. And I turn to her all the time.

Huib Petersen, diagonal peyote stitch, russian leaf stitch, seed beading, bead weaving. Go Organize Me caddy for organizing your studio tools

No matter what crafting means to you. Or what space you have to work in. I encourage you to craft. Make. Enjoy your space. Enjoy creating something for someone or for yourself! Today. Find a few minutes even if that means plotting out a design you’ll make over the weekend. Or it means you have to clean up from your last crafting session.

Some of the folks I work with have sponsored our Craft Month efforts here at Interweave—companies such as Venetian Bead Shop, Go-Organize, Fusion Beads, and Shiana. These companies are always striving to develop and bring you cool new products to support your beading passion. Check them out below! Treat yourself to some time for you and your art. You won’t be sorry!


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