Coral Necklace: The Inheritance

A friend of mine who grew up in Turkey asked me to give new life to strings of coral she had inherited from her mother.  The beads are stunning.  You can still pick up bits and pieces within that show the natural coral patterns.  She asked for 3 simple strands using just a few bead variations within the same color tones.  This necklace hangs as a graduated multi-strand necklace which drapes down to her mid-section in an 'opera' style length.  This piece is a simplified version of the first pattern; see Coral Necklace: Version #1 for the original. 

For the final necklace, I brought in color tones from jewelry I saw all over India; including some coral tube beads I inherited from my mother-in-law who got them in India where she grew up.  The neckalce is made from a combination of coral, orange agate, rust-colored jasper coins and carnelian (a very popular Indian stone seen throughout the inlays at the Taj Mahal).  There is also a matching bracelet with the same coral: see Coral Bracelet: The Inheritance Set.  She had 3 long strings of coral which was plenty to re-string for the 2 matching pieces. 




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