Common Lengths of Necklaces for Necklace Making Projects

What length do you want to make your necklace? Whether you're making a beaded necklace for yourself, as a gift for a friend, or to sell, you'll want to be aware of some common necklace lengths. Necklaces sold in stores and online are sometimes referred to as "princess length" or "opera length", but what does that mean? Here's a quick guide to different necklace lengths for anyone who wants to know:

Choker. This necklace is generally around 16 inches long, meant to fit snugly around the neck.

Princess. A princess length necklace is usually 18 inches long, suitable for hanging a small pendant.

Matinee. These necklaces are generally between 20 and 24 inches in length, and dip down just above the bustline.

Opera. An opera length necklace is between 28 and 32 inches long, and dips down well below the bustline.

Lariat. A lariat is an open-ended necklace that is usually worn with the ends in the front, and can be anywhere up to 48 inches or more, leaving plenty of room to tie, fasten, or knot the necklace.

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