Colorful Resin Jewelry Making Projects

I love playing with resin for my mixed media jewelry-making projects. It's such a fun and versatile medium! There are so many ways to make quick, easy, and beautiful jewelry using resin, or using resin as a starting point for creating larger and more intricate mixed media jewelry-making projects.

I was clearing out some space in my craft supplies, and I came across a few jars of ImpressArt's Bezel Effects paints for use with resin. Well, I just happened to have a whole handful of bezels from my friend Becky Nunn at Nunn Design, and I decided to give myself an afternoon to play with them and see what I could do.

So, the first thing I learned when using the Bezel Effects paints is this: always read the directions. When I originally tried to create some resin cabochons with them, I didn't realize that they wouldn't work with silicon molds and that you had to let the paint dry completely before pouring resin on top. Like my dear old Dad always says: if all else fails, read the directions. (Thankfully, silicon cabochon molds are cheap, and they were easily replaced.)

Using the Bezel Effects paint was so much fun! For the Prisme paints, I left a pair of earrings plain with just paint in the bottom of the bezel to see what would happen when I covered it with resin.

I also had a great reminder of how to pour resin in the middle of winter when you live in the frigid northeastern United States. It's always important to pour resin in a relatively warm room, so I made sure to crank up our wood stove a little hotter than usual, and I waited until the thermostat was reading about 72 degrees before pouring resin into the molds.

These bezels presented a challenge I hadn't tackled yet: these were rings, earrings, and clasps, and none of them had a nice flat back! I didn't have any foam core to use as a base for holding these particular bezels, so I got creative and took a small empty box, turned it upside down, and cut small slits in it with a pair of scissors to hold these jewelry making findings securely while the paints and resin dried. It worked! The surfaces of these resin jewelry-making projects came out smooth and even, and when I was finished with the box, it went right into the wood stove.

Are you someone who wants to learn more about making resin jewelry with all kinds of materials? I've been inspired to learn more about making jewelry with resin after watching Erin Prais-Hintz' fantastic Flashes of Brilliance video! Not only does this fun mixed media jewelry-making technique make for some great beaded pendants and earrings, it also makes great cabochons for working bead embroidery. Even if you've never worked with resin before, Erin takes you step-by-step through each part of the process, and includes some great recommendations for supplies and materials that you can use to make your own unique mixed media resin jewelry projects. Get your copy of Flashes of Brilliance today and start learning more about resin and mixed media jewelry-making!

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