Color Me Chromatically Challenged

Ever since college, I’ve been a fan of black. No, I never went through a Goth stage, and no, I’m not chronically mopey or depressed. I’m just a bit color-challenged, and I learned early on that black goes with everything and requires very little color coordination. I do have a few favorites on the color wheel (namely the jewel tones), but I know I need to expand my color horizons. I’ve discovered that a certain color of mauve looks terrible on me, but I don’t know why. And when in doubt, I still default to . . . black.

If you’d like some color direction, whether it’s for designing jewelry or other crafty endeavors, or even coordinating your clothing or decorating your house, Mary Tafoya’s upcoming Craft U workshop will be a sure hit. Sign up for Hands-On Color Theory: A Workshop for Artisans and Crafty Souls and learn why and how to study color, as well as how to implement your newfound knowledge about color theory and apply it to your work, regardless of your medium.

Color Theory Course

Hands-On Color Theory: A Workshop for Artisans and Crafty Souls runs from May 26 – Jun 22. You can work at your own pace, completing lessons and projects as you have time (within the course dates). The only course requirements are a set of colored penciles and access to a printer. And you can’t beat the low, low price of $49.99 for six lessons!

I’m pretty tempted to sign up for this workshop myself, if only to break out of my black safety zone!

~Lavon Peters, managing editor, Beadwork and Jewelry Stringing magazines

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