Coiled Wire Necklace with Lampwork Pendant


A Solution for Long Lampwork Bead

Several months ago I bought a beautiful purple and green lampwork focal bead.  I assumed I would hang it vertically in whatever design I came up with.  (That's right, I'm one of those people who buys beads without a definite project in mind!)  When I saw Kitty Durmaj's Southwest Desert necklace, I had an "ah-ha" moment.  Why not hang the bead horizontally instead?  Just that simple change from vertical to horizontal has opened up a number of design possibilities that I never would have considered before.

Make It Your Own

Sometimes it makes sense to follow project instructions exactly down to the last bead.  If a bride-to-be  requests a traditional knotted pearl necklace, then you really shouldn't start throwing in hot pink and brick red seed bead fringe unless you want this to be your last design for her (and all her friends)!   Other times, it makes sense to change an existing design.  Maybe your budget requires a less expensive version or maybe you are trying to match the colors in a special outfit.  Whatever the reason, here are some ideas for customizing the Southwest Desert necklace:

  • The "Let's Use Up My Bead Stash" version:  Reverse the necklace's proportions–lengthen the beaded links and shorten the coiled links.  You may be able to double the number of beads in the necklace.
  • The "OMG I've Never Worked with Wire" version:  Use less expensive copper or colored wire as you practice your wireworking skills.   
  • The "Short Attention–What?" version:  Create just the lampwork pendant and slide it on some chain. 

Even if you're not into necklaces or wireworking, you can still find inspiration in this project:

  • If you are always making earrings or wrapped dangles, look at the section of this project on making your own eye pins.  This is a very useful skill since you'll be able to make eye pins the exact size you need for future projects!
  • Use the turquoise and amber color combination as inspiration for a piece using stringing or beadweaving techniques.

Free Project: Southwest Desert by Kitty Durmaj

This Beading Daily exclusive project features coiled wire links, turquoise and amber beads, and a lampworked pendant.


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