Channel Beads from Nunn Design

While I was in Tucson, I had the pleasure of meeting Becky Nunn of Nunn Design and after I got home, she sent me a little sample of some of their newest products, including these awesome channel beads. The channel beads were meant to be used with resin and some of their beautiful collage sheets, but after thinking about all the ways that you can use a simple strip of peyote stitch, I realized I could use those peyote stitch strips in the channel beads!

The channel beads come in four sizes and four different finishes. To make these half-inch channel beads inlaid with a strip of peyote stitch, I worked a strip that was eight cylinder beads across and beaded until the ends touched each other around the bead. I used some bead soup for these, but they would also work beautifully with a simple even-count peyote stitch pattern.

Once the peyote stitch strip is finished, I zipped it up and secured it by weaving my thread ends into the beadwork securely. My favorite one and a half inch beading needles worked perfectly for this, but you may want to use a sharps (shorter) needle to get into some of those tight spaces.

Aren't these adorable little beads? They'd make perfect pendants and dangles when paired with a few metal spacer beads, some color coordinated gemstone beads and a wire-wrapped loop!

The channel beads from Nunn Design also work well with that fun Crystal Clay – stay tuned for more about that!

Meanwhile, if you want to try your hand at making some of these little peyote stitch beads using the Nunn Design channel beads, you can find them online at Fusion Beads or Lima Beads.

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