Change How You Bead with the Beading Essentials Kit

How many times have you started a new hobby but purchased the most inexpensive tools available because you weren’t sure you’d love the activity? Then a few years later you realize you’re still enjoying the hobby but have kept using your original tools. Maybe I’m just cheap, but this seems to happen with all the hobbies I take up: golf, quilting, beading.

For the past 3 years, I’ve been beading mostly at my desk, on a piece of Vellux blanket. And my go-to needle is one that fell out of the box when one of our tech editors returned some projects! But now that our Beading Essentials Kit is available, I’m finally stocked with everything I need to bead comfortably.

The Beading Essentials Kit includes a fantastic beading board, custom-made by Bead On It. In addition, you get an assortment of high-quality needles, a 50-yd spool of FireLine, and a 17-gram tube of assorted metallic size 11 seed beads. Plus you get more than 70(!) beading patterns in a combination of print and digital formats.

Custom Bead On It Board

Bead On It makes a great beading board. The bumpers ensure that your beads don’t end up all over the floor (as one poor beader’s did at a beading class I recently attended). In addition, the bumpers provide a nice cushion for your wrists. As someone who types all day long, I really appreciate this feature!
Change How You Bead with the Beading Essentials Kit

Our Bead On It Board is 6×11″, which is perfect for carrying to meetings. It’s stamped with “Eat Sleep Bead” and a small Interweave logo on bright turquoise fabric. Finally, I’m no longer jealous of the Interweave Crochet team and their custom crochet hooks!

No matter how many beading boards you have, you can always use another one. Especially one that’s this cute! (And if you’re still beading on a Vellux blanket, for Pete’s sake get this kit!)

Bead Weaving Patterns

The Beading Essentials Kit includes so many bead weaving patterns that you won’t know where to start. The New Beader’s Companion provides step-by-step technique instruction, with plenty of clear illustrations to help you get started. Quick + Easy Beadwork 2017 contains 34 beginner-friendly beading projects. Getting Started with Seed Beads includes more than two dozen projects, with basic tutorials. Beadwork Presents 10 Seed Bead Patterns offers 10 patterns that use primarily seed beads — perfect for beginners or seasoned beaders!

In addition, we hand-selected three digital patterns that pair perfectly with the seed bead mix in the Beading Essentials Kit.

Change How You Bead with the Beading Essentials Kit

Peyote Star Earrings, Simple Star Earrings, Lantern Earrings


Barbara Richard’s Peyote Star Earrings are ideal for a novice beader or someone looking to make a quick gift. I opted to make these earrings in black and gold (school colors), for my daughter who is going to the University of Colorado this fall.
Change How You Bead with the Beading Essentials Kit


Sára Zsadon’s Simple Star Earrings are a bit more difficult. I’m also making these earrings, after a bit of stop-and-start trying to get the hang of cubic right-angle weave.
Change How You Bead with the Beading Essentials Kit


Sára’s Lantern Earrings are somewhat more complicated. I was intimidated to try them, but after stitching the Simple Star Earrings I think I’m up for the challenge!

You can stitch all three of these patterns using only the supplies in the Beading Essentials Kit! (And for the record, I recommend doing them in the order I did — easiest to most difficult.)

Everyone Needs This Kit!

If you’re just getting started beading, you need the Beading Essentials Kit. You won’t find this many high-quality beading tools and beginner-level instruction anywhere else. If you’ve been beading for a while, like me, you still need this kit — the custom Bead On It Board is reason enough! (Also available separately here.) Even if you’re a seasoned beader, the Beading Essentials Kit includes so many goodies I know you’ll have a hard time passing it up.

Happy beading!
Lavon Peters,
Managing Editor, Beadwork magazine

Get all your beading essentials in the Beading Essentials Kit, or purchase our custom Bead On It Board separately!


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