Celebrating 2011 with Enough-ness

Kristal Wick
Kristal Wick
is the editor of
Beading Daily


I have some very dear friends who have the best set of coffee mugs EVER! When drinking the last drop, the message on the bottom of the cup says "Relax, there's more."

I have loved and lived by this mantra for years and delight in the message every time I sip a cup of java in one of those cups with my buds.

Yet, this holiday season, while sipping, I felt some discomfort, an unsettled feeling about that mantra. As I explored further inside (while beading, of course), a new mantra came to me and I now want this message at the bottom of my inner coffee cup to ponder as I start each day in this new year, "Breathe, it's enough.


"I have lost myself in a lifetime of "There's more." On to a new phase called "It's enough." The operating system for this is "I'm enough." I'm saying bye-bye to the constant inner chatter of how FAB my life will be when…

I'm thin enough…

I'm rich enough…

I'm pretty enough…

You get the picture.

I don't know about you but I've often spent more time researching, ordering and buying beads for a particular project to make sure I "had enough" than actually beading. What's up with that? The fear of "not-enoughness" creeps into every nook and cranny of my life, from not enough toilet paper (buying it by the case from COSTCO), to eating a whole plate of cookies because one is "not enough."

Don't get me wrong, this new mantra does NOT mean I have enough beads, beading books, and DVDs; but it does mean I'll spend more time organizing them and making time to use those lovely rascals – seed beads. I'll take the time to learn a new stitch and relish in that luxurious endeavor as if I were receiving a relaxing massage. Heck, we even schedule time for those luxuries (well, some of us), why not do the same with our passions? Why rush to squeeze them into the few extra moments of our day, if there are any?

I invite you to carve out a special time each and every day to bead. No matter the project, the medium, how long it takes, or even who or what it's for; breathe into the "enough-ness" of joining hundreds of thousands across the globe and connecting every day to your heart with this love of beading. Feel gratitude for those magical little tubes of brilliant color bursts, whether you have one or hundreds of them, It's enough.


Come bead with me!




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