Captured Crystal Cubes Earrings

For National Craft Month, I thought I would participate in the Fusion Beads 30 Day National Craft Month Challenge. The Day 1 challenge was, of course, to make a pair of earrings! And I just happened to have a pair of these lovely 14mm Swarovski crystal stones that were just begging to be made into a simple but sparkling pair of beaded earrings.

I used a modified herringbone stitch to make these simple bezels so that they'd show off the stones. The bezels themselves work up quickly and can easily be modified to fit triangle-shaped crystal stones as well!


  • (2) 14mm Swarovski Gold-Foiled Stones, Square, Vitrail Medium
  • 2 grams metallic bronze seed beads, 15o 
  • Beading thread in color to match seed beads
  • 1 pair gold filled leverback earwires


  • Size 12 beading needle
  • Thread cutter or scissors
  • Chain nose pliers


Step 1:

On a comfortable length of thread (no longer than 5 feet), pick up 8 seed beads and tie them in a knot. Leave at least a 6 inch tail.

Pass through the first bead again.


Step 2:

Pick up 2 seed beads and pass through the next 2 seed beads in the ring. Pull snugly. Repeat until you have added four pairs of seed beads around the ring.

Pass up through the first seed bead added at the beginning of this step.

Tip: To keep track of your rounds, count out 8 beads and set them aside in a little pile. When you've added all eight beads, it's time to step up for the next round!

Step 3:

Stitch one round in herringbone stitch, working down through the stacks and through the base ring.

Stitch a second round in herringbone stitch, but stitch down through one bead instead of the entire stack. Pick up 3 seed beads and stitch up through the first bead in the next stack.

Repeat around until you have four "bridges" of 3 seed beads between each herringbone stack.


Step 4:

Stitch two more rounds in herringbone, stitching down through the stack and passing through the 3-bead bridges between each stack.

Step 5:

Stitch another round in herringbone stitch, but add bridges of 6 beads between each stack in the same manner as you did in Step 3.

Pull snugly as you add each bridge, and the bezel will start to cup.


Step 6:

Stitch 4 more rows of herringbone stitch, working down through the stacks and passing through the 6-bead bridges as you go.

Keep your tension tight as you work so that the bezel retains its shape.

Step 7:

At this point, nestle your crystal in the bezel to see how far the "prongs" extend around the edges.

You should position the prongs so they extend out over the long sides of the square crystal stone.

Before continuing, make sure that the prongs come up and over the edge of the stone. You can add an extra row or two of herringbone stitch to extend them if needed.


Step 8:

Exiting from the top bead of one of your herringbone stacks, pick up 8 seed beads.

Stitch down through the nearest adjacent bead in the next herringbone stack.

Come up through the next bead in the herringbone stack, pick up 8 seed beads and move across the next corner of the stone.

Repeat until you have four sets of 8 beads, one across each corner of the crystal stone.

Reinforce the thread path and tighten.

Step 9:

Stitch through all but the last bead in one of the crossovers from the previous step. Pick up 1 seed bead.

Skip the first seed bead in the next adjacent crossover and pass through the next six seed beads.

Repeat until you have four cinch beads added, one to each corner of the bezel.

Keep your tension tight to snug up the bezel.

Step 10:

Repeat the thread path several times, keeping a tight tension to hold the crystal in the bezel.

Weave in  your thread, tie a knot and add a tiny drop of glue if desired. Trim the thread close to the beadwork.


Step 11:

Using the tail thread, weave up into the nearest herringbone stack until you are exiting a bead on the edge of the bezel.

Pick up 6 seed beads and pass through the adjacent seed bead. Repeat the thread path two or three times to secure the loop.

Weave in your thread, tie a knot and add a tiny drop of glue if desired. Trim the thread close to the beadwork.


Step 12:

Add your leverback ear wires or your favorite earring finding. Delicate gold ear threads will also work with these lovely bezels!


If you try these earrings or make any variations of them, please take a picture and post them in our Reader Photo Gallery!

Bead Happy,


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