Can't Get Enough Beaded Beads?

If you're a regular subscriber to Beadwork magazine, you'll know that this year marks fifteen years of creative, beady goodness in the pages of my favorite beading magazine! And to celebrate, the editors at Beadwork magazine have come up with a fun beaded bead contest for us. Here's how it works:

Every issue of Beadwork in 2012 will have a pattern for a beaded bead. Your challenge is to make at least one of these beads and then incorporate them all into a finished necklace and then share a picture of it with us. The winner will be chosen by members of Beading Daily and will be featured in the February/March 2013 issue of Beadwork magazine. (You can read all of the official rules here.) So far this year, all of these beaded beads have been stunners, and the most recent beaded bead by Cynthia Newcomer Daniel in the August/September issue of Beadwork magazine is a beautiful addition to the series!

I don't know about you, but I can't get enough beaded beads. I took a look through my old issues of Beadwork magazine and at some past beaded bead projects from Beading Daily and found three more projects to whet your appetite for beaded beads:

I love mixing beads and fibers in my beaded jewelry designs, so I was thrilled to find this combination of beaded beads and fibers in Fibers Meet Beads by Kathleen Lynam. What a beautiful way to combine beaded beads and your favorite fibers into a stunning beaded necklace. Change up the bead colors to make it bright and playful or sophisticated and elegant.


The beaded beads of Earth and Sky by Marcia DeCoster are classic! Stitching up lacy bead caps and then connecting them with small strips of right-angle weave allow the natural beauty of the wood base beads to shine through.
Another fun beaded bead by Beadwork magazine Designer of the Year Jean Power is this colorful Honeycombed Cube. What a great way to learn about combining beading stitches like right-angle weave and peyote stitch while making a three-dimensional beaded bead!
Don't miss out on Cynthia Newcomer Daniel's latest beaded bead project in the August/September issue of Beadwork magazine!

Don't miss out on the fun of the Beadwork magazine 15th anniversary beaded bead contest! For fifteen years, Beadwork magazine has been my go-to publication for the latest and greatest trends in seed beads, beaded jewelry design ideas, and information on all things beady. Make sure you subscribe to Beadwork magazine so that you don't miss a single issue — or a beaded bead pattern!

So, what's your favorite kind of beaded bead? Do you prefer to make simple strips of peyote stitch and string them with your favorite accent beads? Are you a fan of structurally complex and self-supporting beaded beads? Or maybe you enjoy stitching up beadwork over a plain wood or ceramic base bead. Leave a comment here on the Beading Daily blog and tell us about your favorite beaded bead pattern and designer!

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