Calling All Bead Princesses!

 “Perhaps we all need a little tiara magic in our lives. . .”—Sandi Wiseheart, Faerie Crown designer 

For those of us who are not afraid to let our inner princess out—at least in the privacy of our own home—the Faerie Crown is a must-have accessory.  According to designer Sandi Wiseheart, “I started out trying to make a Serious Grown-Up Peal and Crystal Necklace, but clearly, the Beading Muses had other ideas.  Traditional wire-wrapped links kept morphing into faerie flowers, so I gave up on Serious and went for Magical.” 


And there is definitely some beading magic going on in this project!  The base of the crown is an ordinary headband cleverly covered with pink mesh tubing ribbon (also sometimes called wire mesh).  The tiny wire, crystal and pearl flowers seem to just have sprung up organically at the front of the crown.


Sandi continues, “In the spirit of the Beadwork Challenge, I’d like to encourage you to make a crown as individual as you are.  Play with beads from your stash, or visit your local bead shop for inspiration!  Play with the photo and the instructions below as a guide for your own Beading Muse.”  Think of what a lovely wedding tiara this could make in shades of ivory or white.  Or perhaps a special birthday hat—who really wants to wear a dorky paper hat?  The possibilities are endless!



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