Bridal Jewelry Business and Creating Jewelry for the Bride

Business Saturday: An interview on the bridal jewelry business with Angela Olsgard Tiernan, owner of Angie Star Jewelry

In 2002, Angela Olsgard Tiernan established Angie Star Jewelry, a Boulder, Colorado, boutique specializing in custom-designed jewelry. This includes bridal jewelry and special occasion pieces. The company creates a variety of wedding jewelry, from earrings, bracelets, and necklaces to bands and custom rings, using conflict-free gemstones and reclaimed metals. Here, Angie shares insider information on creating wedding jewelry.

Bridal Jewelry Business and Creating Jewelry for the BrideQ: How do you market your presence in the bridal jewelry business?

A: A lot of our business in bridal jewelry is by word of mouth and recommendations from friends. We do advertise a bit, and we use social media to show examples of our work and latest pieces.

Q: Do you offer premade designs for brides to choose from, or is the process purely commissioned?

A: We definitely have premade designs in our cases—it’s a great way for brides to see what may suit them. Many of our brides or grooms have heirloom diamonds that they’d like us to repurpose as well; it’s so fun to see something gain a new life.

Bridal Jewelry Business and Creating Jewelry for the Bride
Q: Explain the impact wedding jewelry has had on your overall business.

A: It has been great for us not only financially, but it also makes our hearts sing to see people in love. We are all about creating jewelry with love and care. When it is for people in love, it makes it that much more special.

Q: How do you keep up with bridal trends?

A: We talk to our brides and look at bridal magazines, online publications, and Pinterest.

Q: Describe wedding jewelry appointments.

A: Generally, the bride and groom will attend together. It’s such a special time spent choosing rings that they will wear during a lifetime together.

Q: What is your best advice about working with brides?

A: Listen to them, and understand that this is a big time in their lives. It is full of magic and details all at the same time!¬

Photos courtesy of Angie Star Jewelry.

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