Bracelet Making: Three Special Bracelets in My Jewelry Collection

I don't wear bracelets too often, even though I have bags of them in my collection of handmade beaded jewelry. Most of the time when I'm designing a new piece of beaded jewelry, I usually come up with necklace making designs, not bracelet making designs. But, once in a while, a great bracelet making idea pops into my head, and I have no choice but to listen to the beads and run with it! Even better is when I receive a beautiful bracelet as a gift or learn how to make someone else's beaded bracelet design.

I recently added three new beautiful bracelets to my collection. Each one has a great story behind it!


This bracelet was originally supposed to be my challenge project for Beadwork magazine later this year, but at the last minute, I was inspired to create a different piece for that particular challenge. Still, my Lotus Cuff bracelet was a great bead embroidered bracelet making refresher for me. I tried something new for this bracelet and decided to leave most of the colored bead embroidery backing exposed to add an additional color to the palette of beads I chose.

The design of the Lotus Cuff was inspired by the time I spent attending prayers and meditation with a group of traveling Tibetan Buddhist monks back in April. The cultural center that hosted the monks was adorned with beautiful Tibetan Thangka paintings, which are a combination of painting and embroidery using metallic silk threads. No matter what my mood, when I wear this bracelet, I remind myself to slow down, breathe, and enjoy the ride.

bracelet-making I don't often get the chance to bead with a group of friends, and I don't often have the time to work up another artist's beaded bracelet making design, so making the beautiful It's Becoming bracelet by Nikia Angel at York Beads in New York City a couple of weeks ago is something that I will remember for a very long time! It was so much fun to meet new beaders, hang out with Nikia for a while, and just relax and learn a new bracelet making project.

This last bracelet was gifted to me by the wonderful (and talented) Tanya Borden. Tanya and I were swap partners in Lori Anderson's Pantone Bead Swap a few weeks ago, and part of the Pantone color-inspired package of beads I sent to Tanya in Thailand was a small bag of some flower-shaped sequins I found in New York City. Tanya was so inspired by the sequins that she sat down and created this delicate and fashionable bracelet — and then she sent it to me as a thank-you!

I was so touched to receive this unexpected gift that I've worn Tanya's bracelet almost every day since receiving it, and it's another wonderful reminder of how beads can bring us all together!

I think what I love the most about bracelet making is that you can use pretty much any materials with any beading technique you like to create a piece of beautiful beaded jewelry that you can look at all day! How refreshing is it to look down at your wrist and see all that beaded goodness down there?


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Have you recently discovered a new favorite jewelry-making component or bead for bracelet making? Maybe you've discovered a new kind of seed bead or a new metal finding that you just can't live without. Leave a comment and share your favorites here on the Beading Daily blog!

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