Boost Your Creativity with Bead Classes

Cleaning, Classes, and Creativity

Ever get in a creative rut? I do all the time. What works for me is to clean my beading table. Not only is it nice to have a clean surface to work on, but seeing all the beads I’ve forgotten about helps wake up my imagination.

Another way I enrich my creative life is to take a beading class. I know—it might seem a little odd since I’m a teacher myself and know lots about beading, but by taking a class I get to experience how another artist has solved a design problem. Plus, being around all that inspired energy and good conversation makes me feel even more enmeshed in this wonderful bead community of ours.

Bead classes are held all around the country. At bead shops, of course, but you can also find them at community, arts, culture, and senior centers, and after-school programs. Some teachers even hold classes in their homes, and you can even find them online. But let me tell you, if you really want to get a well-rounded creative boost, consider making a trip of it. One great opportunity coming up is Bead Fest Santa Fe, happening March 12-15, 2009.

Santa Fe:  The Beaders' Mecca

Santa Fe holds a special place in a lot of beaders’ hearts. For people who’ve been involved in this community for a long time, Santa Fe is like the beaders’ Mecca. For years, it’s been the place where we make a beading pilgrimage every March. It’s where many of us first met—so happy to find other obsessed people like ourselves. The restaurants, hotels, and streets are filled with people chattering about beads, showing off recent purchases, sharing stories about a class or lecture they’d attended, seeing old friends and introducing themselves to new ones, and generally basking in the creativity of the surroundings. Really, the city of Santa Fe can pull anyone out of a creative rut, with its many art galleries, local shrines, the Museum of International Folk Art, and great local bead shops. Plus, the great restaurants (and maybe a margarita or two?) from one end of town to the other help make the trip not only inspirational, but a downright blast.

If you’re up for diving into this kind of atmosphere, sign up for some classes at Bead Fest Santa Fe. If you can’t make it to Santa Fe this year, buy these great 1-hour Bead Fest Video Workshops on DVD, and you’re almost as good as there. 

First Time Teaching in Santa Fe!

This year is a first for me because I actually get to teach a couple classes in Santa Fe, my Pacifica Bracelet and Tibetan Message Beaded Beads. Teaching will add another rich layer to my memories of this wonderful place. But I’m definitely going to book a couple days in for hanging out—there are just too many milagros, machacas, and margaritas with my name on them!

Are you heading to Santa Fe Bead Fest in March or taking an upcoming class in your town? Tell us on the website!

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