Book Review: Suzanne Golden Presents – Interviews with 36 Artists Who Innovate with Beads

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of receiving an advance copy of Lark Books' next release, Suzanne Golden Presents: Interviews with 36 Artists Who Innovate with Beads. It was definitely one of those drop-everything-and-grab-a-cup-of-cocoa moments, because this is a book that I've been looking forward to seeing for a long time.

For anyone who isn't familiar with the bead-weaving of Suzanne Golden, she's been creating fabulous pieces of wearable bead art for decades. Inspired by her own unique brand of fashion and color sense, Suzanne's work is instantly recognizable for it's bright, bold, and larger-than-life beaded bangle bracelets and beaded necklaces.

So, really, it only makes sense: if you want to see which artists are taking the art of bead-weaving to new levels and introducing beads to a whole new generation of artists and appreciators of art, Suzanne is the one to show you.

The thirty-six artists represented in this book use a range of techniques and mediums, but all of them include beads prominently in their work. Some create jewelry, some create sculpture, and some of them have yet to be defined in terms of where they "fit" into the art world, but each of these artists has found  a way to use beads in their work that will astound and inspire you.

If you're ready to start thinking differently about your beads and want to see the future of beadwork as fine art, get your hands on a copy of Suzanne Golden Presents: Interviews with 36 Artists Who Innovate with Beads. (Check with your local bead shop or book store!)

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