Blingy Bracelet Designs in Celebration of National Craft Month

CraftersBlogHop_WPFeaturedImage[1]Big news! We are hosting a blog hop all through March. Be sure to hop on over to each of the blogs listed at the end of this post then check out their featured post on their tour date.

You’ll find endless inspiration on all sorts of crafts, including: sewing, quilting, crocheting, embroidery and jewelry making!

My contribution to the hop is this blingy bracelet design, although I do hope to hop in throughout the month with other jewelry-making projects, so be sure to check back!


This bracelet came to be when I was cleaning up from a bevy of making. I had a little of this, a little of that, and a whole lot of “these” left on my table. What to do? Well, make more beaded bracelet designs!

We can call this a leftover special, bead soup or a fun project to shop for (cause there’s lots of benefits to the endorphins created while shopping!). Bottom line, it’s blingy, sophisticated and a lot of fun to wear with all the movement it has. Here’s how to make one of your own beaded bracelet designs:

mix of supplies

Gather your supplies.
Beads and Findings:
– A length of chain (suitable for a bracelet or necklace).
– Selection of coordinating beads (they don’t have to match you just need to have a cohesive theme). I used an assortment of Swarovski crystal beads and pendants.
– Headpins
– Jumprings
– Clasp
– Ribbon crimps
– Flat-nose pliers
– Chain-nose pliers
– Round-nose pliers
– Wire cutters
– Leather or other cording that fits through the links in your chain
– Chain-Sta

Step 1: Place a bead onto a headpin. Begin a wrapped loop. Open the formed loop slightly and slip it onto a link in the chain.


Complete the wrap; trim the excess wire then tuck in the end.


Step 2: Fill the chain as full as you would like.

full chain

Note: The chain is positioned on the Chain-Sta in this picture and was a helpful second pair of hands while I added the crystal bead dangles.

Step 3: Thread the cording through the chain links.


Step 4: Place a ribbon crimp onto one end of the cording; compress the crimp so it’s secured to the cording.


Use a jumpring to connect the loop on the ribbon crimp to a link in the chain. Thread the cording through to the other end of the chain, trimas needed, add a ribbon crimp end, then connect it to the chain using a jumpring.

ribbon ends

Step 5: Use a jumpring to add the clasp to one end of the chain.


Note: When using a lobster clasp and a chain like this, there is no need to add a loop to work in conjunction with the clasp. If the lobster doesn’t fit through a link in your chain, however, add a jumpring so you do have a clasp loop for your lobster clasp.

I would love to see what you create with a few of your leftovers or from your next shopping trip. Please share pictures at Enjoy creating and have fun celebrating National Craft Month with us!

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Happy beading!






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