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Recently, I had the opportunity to introduce myself to a group of people. After finishing “my story,” I was pressed for more history. As I’m adding how I became part of the beading and jewelry-making communities and how I found my way to publishing, I realized how many times I say blessed, thankful, and appreciative. I then realize my story is a chance to offer thanks to the universe and a sort of thank you to all who have helped me get to where I am today.

In the Beginning


(Left to Right) My Dad and me; my Dad hard at work remodeling our kitchen; me checking on Dad’s progress of my new bedroom

My thanks start with my parents. I remember spending countless hours in my dad’s workshop, asking questions and likely getting in his way. I also remember being so happy among his tools and saw dust, and the thrill of seeing his ideas and designs come to life. To this day, I talk to him and show him my latest wild idea and I can hear his reply as if he were really still with us. I often wonder what he would think of seeing me on television, like on Beads, Baubles & Jewels, as that was not even a dream of mine when he left this world.


Some new scarves my Mom wove on one of her many looms; looms with weavings in progress.

I also remember helping my mom with her “next design idea” she was selling at the local craft show, and with designs she made to decorate our house (anyone else help make macramé plant hangers?). To this day I’m in awe as I watch her embrace new skills—like weaving. She started to learn weaving just about one year ago and now has 4 looms, all in motion, all the time! In addition to weaving, my Mom beads, knits, gardens, antiques, and so many other things I only wish I had the energy for. She is also an avid customer, recently filling her shopping cart with the latest weaving downloads.

New Home, New Job



Fast-forward to the move my husband and I made to Pennsylvania (something I was not that in favor of but turned out to be where I belonged). Soon after settling into our new home I found myself blessed with an opportunity of a lifetime—an interview then a job at Lapidary Journal. Never in a million years would I have guessed I could ever have a job with such a prestigious company, let alone working with the caliber of people I’ve been so fortunate to work with. Thank you Merle White, for believing in me and to this day, helping me reach new heights. Thank you also to all my coworkers—past and present—I have learned so much from each of you.

Teamwork Makes the Beadwork

It takes more than a great team to do all we do, so my thanks and appreciation continue.


Beadwork cover, October/November 2018

Thank you to our contributors. Without your willingness to share your designs, ingenuity, creativity, and education, our pages would be pretty empty. Thank you for always raising your own bar and presenting your latest and greatest beading and jewelry designs to us so we can then share your work with the world!


Thank you to the companies who provide us with the products we create with. Your innovations, sourcing, and great marketing bring wonderful products to our benches so we can keep dreaming and keep creating.

Heartfelt Appreciation


Thank you also to each of you. Your support of our magazines, videos, courses, books, events, and all the wonderful media we create has been unwavering. We do what we do for you and we do it to the best of our abilities, every day.

Cheers to you and to all you are thankful for. May your happiness be abundant, your table filled with those you love, and your heart overflowing.

Editor, Beadwork magazine

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