Black Agate & Copper Wire Wrap Pendant Necklace

Absolutely gorgeous polished black agate with a lovely creamy matrix serves at the focal pendant for the black agate and copper necklace. 

This piece of agate is wonderfully cut and polished, with just a few hints of the original look of the stone prior to finishing around the outside of the piece. The wire wrap was designed to highlight the fantastic matrix and add a bit of sparkle to the entire piece.

The necklace is approximately 20 inches long with a3 inch hammered copper extender chain. The pendant stone is 2 1/2 inches by 1 1/2 inches (at it's widest point), with a 3 inch drop.

The black agate and copper necklace adds the perfect finishing for a bold statement piece of jewelry.

We design many of our pieces to be very versatile. For example, this necklace with it's modern design, could be word to work, in the style of Temperance Brennan, Emily Deschanel's character on the "Bones" tv show. The female characters on that program are brilliantly styled for the show – strong, intelligent, powerful feminine women with outstanding fashion style. 

Our jewelry is also easily worn with a more casual look – paired with jeans and a casual T, it will be the star of any activity, from dinner out to grocery shopping to little league games.

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