The Ultimate List of Free Right Angle Weave Patterns & Instructions

There are two types of right-angle weave that produce the same finished beadwork. Cross-needle weaving, or double-needle right-angle weave, is made using two needles on opposite ends of the same length of beading thread. Single-needle right-angle weave passes through the beads in alternating circular patterns.

Learning Cubic RAW: It may be easier to learn cubic right-angle weave by practicing with larger beads first.

Thread Matching: With cubic right angle weave, it’s important to match the color of your thread as closely as possible to the color of your beads because a lot of thread shows.

Counting Rows: RAW can be a little tricky to count because most of the units in each row share side beads. The initial strip of units you stitch (the stitches with four beads in each unit) make up the first row. The units in each subsequent row are made with three beads in each unit. To make this less confusing, just count your rows by counting the beads that stick out of the side of the beadwork.

Free Right Angle Weave Patterns to Download

1. 5 Free Right Angle Weave Patterns for Intermediate Beaders

Free tutorial: how to to right angle bead weaving

If you’ve already been beading for a while and you’d like to try a new stitch, these are the patterns for you.

2. How to Embellish Using Right Angle Weave Beading

how to embellish right angle weave

Right angle weave beading is a great base from which to begin embellishment, especially if you have a wide open weave. Here are some ideas to make it happen.

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3. 12 of the Best Right Angle Weave Projects Ever Printed in Beadwork

right angle weave pattern book

This value collection is designed especially for those who really, truly love RAW beading. We collated the patterns that received the best feedback and put them together at a discount rate available to download immediately.

4. The Eseential Video for Right Angle Weave Fundamentals

beginner right angle weave beading

If you’ve never done this stitch before, these right angle weave instructions are the ones for you! Download the video or order the physical DVD to get started from the very beginning.

5. Make This Adorable Miniature Beaded Afghan Blanket

seed bead patterns to download

Have you ever seen a pattern like this before?! It’s truly impressive, and would make a wonderful piece of wall art too, in our opinion.

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6. All You Need to Know to Begin Tubular Right Angle Weave

Tubular Right Angle Weave

What’s the difference between cubic RAW and tubular RAW? Find out that, and much more, in this free tutorial.

7. Here’s What You Need to Know About Cubic Right Angle Bead Weaving

cubic right angle weave

What is cubic RAW and why should you learn it? Here’s what you should know.

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