Love Pearl Beads? You Have to See These Pearl Jewelry Designs

We are drawn to the sensuous beauty of pearl jewelry, to their soft contours, and most of all to the warm, persistent light that seems to glow from within these unique gems. Kings and queens have filled royal treasuries with pearls and worn impressive jewelry made with pearls to proclaim power and regency. Movie stars and fashion legends have greeted their public draped in glamorous pearls. Brides and debutantes have favored pearls as the gem of purity and fidelity. For those who cherish the radiance of pearls and who wish to make signature beaded jewelry with pearls, today’s affordable and varied supply of freshwater pearls is truly a beader’s delight.

Handmade Pearl Jewelry Patterns to Download

    Free tutorial: diy pearl jewelry

  1. 6 Handmade Pearl Jewelry Designs to Try
  2. If you’ve already been beading for a while and you’d like to try incorporating pearl beads, these are the patterns for you.

    Our Most Popular Pearl Jewelry Designs, Supplies, & Resources in the Interweave Store

    Beads Baubles and Jewels Episode 1510 on how to make pearl jewelry.

  3. Learn How to Make Pearl Stud Earrings in This Episode of Beads, Baubles & Jewels
  4. Every beader’s favorite TV show is back for a 28-minute episode dedicated to pearls. You’ll learn about pearl links and using them with polymer clay, but our favorite part is learning how to make pearl stud earrings—a true classic piece.

    DIY pearl jewelry ebook that you'll love.

  5. Create Jewelry: Pearls
  6. This classic book series is popular for good reason, and it’s back for a pearl-themed edition that caters to beginner to advanced beaders.

    Learn everything you need to know about how to make wire and pearl jewelry designs in this amazing eBook.

  7. 10 Wire and Pearl Jewelry Designs for Beaders
  8. Try your hand at DIY wire jewelry with just a few tools and plenty of beads with these patterns.

    If you like pearl jewelry, then you'll LOVE  making this beautiful mother-of-pearl clasp.

  9. Make This DIY Pearl Necklace on a Budget
  10. We teach you how to use mother of pearl instead of pearl to great effect – no one has to know you got it for a bargain!

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  12. Learn about five key shapes that every experienced pearl dealer knows, and what you can use them for.

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  13. What You Should Know About Caring for Vintage Pearls
  14. Like all things aged, vintage pearls are finer, but they also require a little tender care. This covers the basics of caring for vintage pearls, as well as faux pearls, which went through a different process then than they do today.

    pearl knotting tutorial

  15. How to Finish Your Pearl Knotting Like a Pro
  16. Congratulations on mastering pearl knotting! Here’s what you need to do on the ends to make it look superb.

    how to string pearls

  17. 4 Must-See Tips for Stringing Pearls
  18. When stringing, you have to treat pearls slightly differently than other beads – not least because of their size. Here’s what you should know.

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