Learning How to Make Bead Necklaces? See These Necklace Patterns First

DIY necklaces are usually one of the first things beginning beaders make, and for good reason. We’ve collated this collection of links to both beginning and advanced tutorials so that you’ll never need to save any other page: all your resources are in one spot! Pin now so you can get back to it later as your skills progress.

Beaded Necklace Patterns to Download

1. Free Ebook: How to Make Bead Necklaces

how to make bead necklaces

You’ll use these patterns to work on mixed media techniques, stringing, bead embroidery, bezels, and all kinds of stitches. This ebook is great for the intermediate beader.

2. How to Make a Choker Necklace that’s Goth-Inspired in All the Right Ways

how to make bead necklace

Ever since Daria came out, we’ve loved teetering on the edge of goth and mainstream. Black lipstick? No thank you. But give us all the choker necklaces, army boots and Nirvana records you have. This necklace lives in that goth-inspired but not-scary-spice world. We’d wear it with a drapey white Everlane t-shirt and cropped silk trousers for a balanced look.

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3. If You Like J. Crew, You’ll Love This DIY Necklace Kit

diy necklace kit

This necklace sits delicately in the balance between prep and personality. Wear it with a monotonous outfit or with something in warm tones for harmony. It’s not a beginner project, but it will improve your intermediate skills.

4. If You’ve Always Wanted to Try Wirework, Download This Ebook: 10 Dazzling Wire Necklaces

beading pearls how to

So you’ve been beading necklaces for a while now, and you’re ready for a new challenge. Wire jewelry is the natural next step, and this pattern compilation makes it easy to start.

5. A Beginner Necklace Kit that Quilters Will Love

pendant necklace making kit

This kit would make a great gift for beginner jewelry makers, as well as those passionate about quilting. It pays homage to both crafts and is an easy project without any complicated beading stitches.

6. Make This DIY Pearl Necklace on a Budget

diy pearl necklace

We teach you how to use mother of pearl instead of pearl to great effect – no one has to know you got it for a bargain!

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7. How Long Should a Necklace Be?

necklace design ideas

There’s nothing worse than making a smashing piece of jewelry only to find it’s the wrong length. Here’s how to prevent that.

8. 4 Must-See Ideas for Necklace Extensions

4 ideas for necklace extensions

And if it’s too late and your handmade necklace is already too short, here’s how to extend the length.

9. Beaded Necklaces Designs: Ideas for Collars and DIY Bib Necklaces

beaded necklaces designs: collars and bibs

They may have reached their peak years ago, but the appeal of beaded collars is that they never stop looking cute. This discussion of how to design your own necklaces might just inspire your best necklace pattern yet.

10. 4 Necklace Shapes All the Best Jewelry Designers Know

necklace designs

These are the basic necklace silhouettes that are essential for sparking new creations.

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