The Only List of Herringbone Stitch Projects You’ll Need

The Only List of Herringbone Stitch Projects You’ll Need

Herringbone stitch in beadwork is also known as Ndebele, drawing that name from the South African tribe that developed this beadweaving stitch. Herringbone stitch can be started using a ladder of seed beads in a manner similar to brick stitch, or it can be started using a more traditional method that is similar to flat peyote stitch. Herringbone stitch is an extremely versatile beadweaving stitch and can be done in flat, tubular and circular variations. Tubular herringbone stitch is a widely used method for creating intricate beaded ropes, and flat herringbone stitch can be shaped simply by using a variety of sizes of beads in the beadweaving.

Herringbone Stitch Tutorials to Download

1. Free Ebook: Herringbone Stitch Beading Tutorial

Learn flat herringbone stitch with this free download.

First you’ll learn pro tips on herringbone stitch beading, and then you’ll have six projects with which to get started. This ebook is the whole package.

2. Tubular Herringbone Stitch Bead Rope Tutorial

herringbone beaded rope

Using two-hole lentil beads juxtaposed with seed beads, you’ll work up this beaded rope in no time.

3. Use This Herringbone Stitch Beaded Necklace Tutorial to Make a Beaded Flower

herringbone stitch beaded necklace tutorial

If you’re looking for a new way to make bead flowers, you’ll love this necklace, which consists of a twisted herringbone rope that meets at a delicate flower.

4. How to do a Flat Herringbone Stitch Turnaround

how to do a herringbone stitch turnaround

Turnarounds are never easy to master, but this tutorial breaks it down step by step.

Our Most Popular Herringbone Stitch

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5. Mastering Herringbone Stitch

herringbone stitch beading

This downloadable ebook features more than 300 detailed illustrations to accompany 21 projects designed by Beadwork editor Melinda Barta.

6. Double-face Herringbone Beaded Necklace Pattern

double face herringbone beaded necklace

This pattern is the ultimate simple necklace project for someone new to the flat herringbone bead stitch. And its simplicity makes for a very elegant result.

7. 12 Flat and Tubular Herringbone Stitch Projects

flat and tubular herringbone stitch projects

We collated our most popular herringbone stitch tutorials from Beadwork magazine to offer a better value deal than if you bought them separately.

8. Herringbone Stitch Basics and Beyond DVD

herringbone stitch bead tutorial

Watch and learn as Melinda Barta walks you through six step by step beading lessons, including flat, tubular and spiral (twisted tubular) herringbone stitch.

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9. The Essential Guide to Twisted Tubular Herringbone Stitch

twisted tubular herringbone stitch tutorial

This quick and easy guide has tips for the advanced and a step by step guide for first timers at this bead stitch.

10. 5 Herringbone Bead Stitch Tips You Didn’t Know You Needed

herringbone bead stitch

Rolling a tube of paper as a guide? Bet you’ve never thought of that one before.

11. How to Make a Herringbone Bead Bezel

how to make a herringbone bead bezel

Learn why herringbone stitch has become this beader’s first choice when making bezels, and tips on how she does it.

12. How to Do Flat Ndebele Stitch with Two-Holed Beads

ndebele stitch

This creative twist on a classic will have you scrambling to get more twin beads as you create flat herringbone bands with them.

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