Using or Making Glass Beads? These Free Downloads are Essential

Using or Making Glass Beads? These Free Downloads are Essential

Glass is the most varied in appearance of all the materials used to make beads. Glass beads can be clear and brilliantly transparent, reflecting the world around it; mysteriously transluscent, emanating a rich glow from within; or even as opaque as gemstones. Glass beads can be vibrantly colored, thanks to the addition of particular minerals like iron and cobalt or metallic oxides. The surface of glass beads can be shiny or matte and the glass bead itself can encase layers of color and pattern. Glass beads can be embellished and textured with ribbons of molten glass or they can be coated with lustrous metallic finishes. Glass beads can even be cut and faceted like precious metal stones. As ancient as glass beads are in origin, they continue to evolve and enrich today’s beaded jewelry designs. As you explore the world of glass beads, you will realize that no other man-made material will give you more ways to express your ideas for beautiful beaded jewelry!

How to Make Glass Bead Jewelry: The Free Tutorials

1. Free Ebook: Glass Beading Tutorial

glass beading tutorial download

Whether your lampwork beads are big statement pieces or standard small ones, you’ll find a way to use them here.

2. DIY Glass Bead Earrings

diy glass bead earrings

Using two-hole lentil beads, you can stitch together quick earrings that make the most of the new shapes available these days.

3. Glass Bead Necklace Tutorial Download

glass bead and leather necklace tutorial

Take leather cords, copper and glass beads and twig-shaped findings, and this cool necklace is what you get.

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4. 10 Glass Bead Making Projects: An Ebook

glass bead making projects

Instantly download this guide to making flamework beads that will have you learn new techniques and put a new twist on old ones.

5. Best of Stringing: Colorful Glass Beads

stringing glass beads

Once you’ve learnt how to make lampwork beads, here you’ll find ideas for stringing them. We put together our best selling patterns so you have a better value deal in this ebook.

6. Book: Create Jewelry: Glass

Book: Create Jewelry: Glass

The Create Jewelry series is a hit for good reason, and here you’ll find glass beading tips galore.

7. How to Design Your Own Jewelry with Art Glass Beads

how to use art glass beads

More than just a pattern, this guide for intermediate jewelers will guide you on your journey to becoming a better jewelry designer.

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8. How to Use Two-Hole Glass Beads

two hole glass beads

Two-hole glass beads can be difficult to work with at first, so you should absolutely read up on this before you get going.

9. Here’s What You Should Know Before Making Glass Beads

how to make lampwork beads

This Q&A with a professional lampworker will get you well on your way to a better understanding of flameworking.

10. How to Use Color When Glass Beading

how to use colored glass beads

Jewelry designers, this one’s for you! If you’re making your own jewelry designs, you should know these color palette essentials.

11. So, Czech Glass Spike Beads Exist, and Here’s Why We Love Them

glass spike beads

Just when we thought the world of beading couldn’t get any more diverse, these spike beads come along and make our day. Check out these ideas for using them.

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