Here’s How to Use Those Semi-precious Beads & Gemstones

Here’s How to Use Those Semi-precious Beads & Gemstones

Since ancient times, gemstones have been prized for their colors and for their perceived healing abilities. The first humans who discovered colorful gemstones in the gravels of a riverbed or embedded in an otherwise ordinary rock must have been struck with awe and wonder. It is not surprising that gemstones were seen as magical protection, a source of various kinds of healing, and an earthly treasure from the gods. Today, gemstones can be used to make stunning beaded gemstone jewelry and are available in an amazing range of colors, shapes and sizes. Gemstones are adaptable for any style of jewelry-making project, whether you prefer large, chunky and organic looking nuggets or the delicate, carefully faceted briolettes. By adding a few or many semiprecious gemstones to our own beaded jewelry designs, we can shape the look and feel of a beaded necklace or bracelet.

How to Use Semi-precious Stone Beads: The Free Tutorials

1. Free Ebook: Gemstone Beading Tutorial

gemstone beading tutorial download

Here’s the thing: we know gemstones are so easy to collect and so hard to use. That’s why we’ve put together this guide of easy ways to incorporate gems into your work, using both stringing and netting techniques.

Our Most Popular Semi-precious Beading Patterns, Books & Resources in the Interweave Store

2. Pattern: Stringing with Semi-precious Beads

make jewelry with semi precious beads

This stringing project will have you using semi-precious beads large and small, juxtaposed with silver wirework.

3. Book: 23 Jewelry Projects Using Stones

natural gemstone beads diy

These 23 projects have been chosen because they’re accessible and easily personalized. Take a stringing project for something quick, or challenge yourself with beadweaving.

4. Make This Vintage Style Necklace

gemstone bead necklace tutorial

This gemstone bead necklace tutorial is downloadable instantly so that you’ll be able to work quickly and not delay.

5. Make This Gemstone Earrings Project

gemstone earrings diy

You don’t need much to put these together. Use your creativity to make this pattern your own.

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6. How to Knot Gemstone Beads into Yoga Jewelry

how to knot gemstone beads

Knotting gemstones is actually one of the most simple and beautiful ways to bead. This is a wonderful simple way to make necklaces from yoga beads.

7. These are the Types of Semi-Precious Beads You Should Know About

types of semi precious beads

There are five main types of semi-precious beads that are popular amongst beaders in the know, and here are the pros and cons of each.

8. Wire Wrapping Gemstones is This Easy

wire wrapping gemstones

If we had known this DIY wire wrapped ring would be so easy, we would have started so much sooner! We couldn’t help but share it with you.

9. Here’s What You Should Know about Beadweaving Gemstones

beadweaving gemstones

Most beaders using gems tend to opt for stringing techniques, so if you’re hoping to bead weave, you have to read this first.

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