All the Crystal Beading Projects You Could Possibly Need

Ever since Daniel Swarovski invented his faceting machine, crystal beads have been in demand all around the world. Crystal beads are just as popular as ever, and for good reason: who can resist the sparkle and shine of a beautiful crystal bead? No matter what their effect in a jewelry design, crystals captivate us with their gemlike sparkle. Wedding dresses, hair pieces and beaded jewelry are often sprinkled with crystals, illuminating a unique brilliance on a most special day. Crystals also adorn countless designer gowns, handbags, shoes and other accessories. Wonderful faceted crystal beads cast a spell on us that is impossible to shake. Is it any surprise that we are entranced by the shimmering delights of crystals and want to showcase them in our handmade beaded jewelry?

How to Use Crystal & Swarovski Beads: The Free Tutorials

  1. Free Ebook: Projects Using Crystal Beads

    gemstone beading tutorial download

    With five patterns in one free download, this one is a good place to start for inspiration on how to use crystal beads.

  2. DIY Beads and Crystals Brooch

    beads and crystals diy

    With this brooch, you’ll get to use beads and crystals of different sizes to make simple increases in circular brick stitch.

  3. DIY Crystal Bead Bracelet

    diy crystal bead bracelet

    Mismatched leftover beads & crystals come together to form this crystal bead bracelet made with wire and silver findings.

  4. Bicone Crystal Bead Earrings

    Use crystal bicone beads to pull together this easy DIY earring project! Perfect for beginner beading.

  5. Our Most Popular Crystal Beading Patterns, Books & Resources in the Interweave Store

  6. Book: Designing Jewelry with Semiprecious Beads

    make jewelry with crystal beads

    If you love our video series Beads Baubles and Jewels, this 28-minute episode is perfect for you – and it costs less than a latte!

  7. Ebook: Create Jewelry: Crystals

    glass crystal beads diy

    This ebook features 20 exquisite designs in one download.

  8. Download: Best of Stringing: Crystals

    stringing crystals beads

    Skip the hassle of seed beading and stitches by embracing stringing with these fantastic projects.

  9. Download: DIY Swarovski Crystal Necklace

    swarovski crystal necklace diy

    Who needs diamonds when you can make a Swarovski necklace by following this pattern?

  10. Our Most Popular Crystal Bead Jewelry Blog Posts

  11. How to Date Vintage Crystal Beads

    vintage crystal beads

    Ever wanted to know what era your Swarovski crystals are from? Find out how old they are with this handy guide.

  12. Tips for Beadweaving Crystal Beads

    beadweaving crystals

    When using beads and crystals together, there are a few beading techniques you should follow to ensure your DIY jewelry will last a lifetime. Here’s what you absolutely have to know.

  13. 7 Fascinating Facts about Glass Crystal Beads

    crystal and glass beads

    Are leaded crystals safe to wear and keep around children? What’s the difference been fine crystal and low quality beads? Find the answers here.

  14. Genius Shortcuts for Making Crystal Jewelry Faster

    how to make crystal jewelry

    Jewelry making taking too long? You have to see these tips for quicker crystal beading!

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