The Ultimate Collection of Online Resources for Brick Stitch Beading

The Ultimate Collection of Online Resources for Brick Stitch Beading

Always wanted to know how to do brick stitch beading? You’re in luck. These are our most-downloaded, viewed, and top-selling resources – and the best part is, most of them are completely free!

How to Brick Stitch: The Free Tutorials

  1. How to Brick Stitch, Step by Step: A Free Ebook

    With five free brick stitch patterns, this is the perfect place to start if you’re looking to learn how to brick stitch bead.

  2. Brick Stitch Bracelet Tutorial

    Delicate but sturdy, it’s hard to go wrong with this simple brick stitched bracelet tutorial. A great project for a quick gift.

  3. Spiral Circular Brick Stitch Tutorial

    Spiral circular brick stitch is a must-know because its flat shape makes it perfect for bead crafts like coasters and bags. Get started with this simple tutorial.

  4. Circular Brick Stitch Tutorial

    Circular brick stitch is the logical next step from basic brick stitch for obvious reasons. Get it mastered with this free download.

  5. Our Most Popular Brick Stitch Patterns in the Interweave Store

  6. Download: Brick Stitch Bracelet Pattern ($2.80)

    Express your love with a heart-shaped bracelet that’s simpler to make than it looks.

  7. Download: Awareness Ribbon Brick Stitch Patterns ($2.80)

    Take your cause to another level by making a pin that is sure to be remembered.

  8. Download: Brick Stitch Earring Patterns ($2.80)

    These DIY sunburst earrings can be personalized with different colors to make something that’s completely your own.

  9. Download: Brick Stitch Jewelry Pattern ($2.80)

    Need a challenge? This brick stitch cuff is a great way to up your game while making something totally lustworthy.

  10. Our Most Popular Brick Stitch Beading Blog Posts

  11. These Breathtaking Brick Stitched Butterflies are Totally Inspiring

    Inspired by nature, this beader copies patterns she observes in butterflies to make resplendent bead crafts. We’ll be trying this one at home ASAP.

  12. 5 Remarkable Brick Stitch Beading Ideas

    We’re fixated on the beaded dragon and the brick stitch DIY watch here.

  13. How to Do Brick Stitch for Beginners

    This absolute beginner step by step beading tutorial is the perfect place to start.

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