This List of Kumihimo Bead Patterns Could Change the Way You Bead

This List of Kumihimo Bead Patterns Could Change the Way You Bead

An ancient form of Japanese braiding, kumihimo was actually developed for the closure of armor on Japanese samurai and their horses. Later, kumihimo braids were used to fasten quilted jackets and kimonos. Today, kumihimo is more popular than ever and beaders are discovering how these braids can be used to accent a special lampwork glass bead and how they can be embellished with strands of sparkling crystal beads. Kumihimo is done on a lightweight disc, usually made of foam, with notches for each strand of fiber being braided. Another type of free-standing kumihimo tool is called a marudai and consists of a wood circle on four legs. Fibers attached to bobbins are braided through the hole in the center of the wood circle. The easy, rhythmic motions of braiding fibers together make kumihimo a wonderful choice for adding a handmade rope to your favorite handmade glass or ceramic bead.

Kumihimo Instructions to Download

1. Free Ebook: Kumihimo with Beads

kumihimo jewelry making tutorial

This all-encompassing download is a collection of kumihimo bead patterns and instructions so you can learn from scratch.

2. A Kumihimo Bracelet Tutorial that Uses Wire Instead of Thread

Kumihimo bracelet tutorial

Use wire instead of kumihimo thread so that you have a bracelet that’s sturdy yet flexible.

3. Bet You’ve Never Thought of These Uses for Beaded Kumihimo in Jewelry Design

beaded kumihimo

We love this new inspiration for those of us who design our own pieces.

4. Make a Kumihimo Bracelet for Beginners

make a kumihimo bracelet

If you’ve never tried your hand at kumihimo patterns before, this simple bracelet DIY is an ideal place to start.

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5. Everything You Need to Know About Kumihimo with Beads: DVD or Download

kumihimo instructions

This became so popular that we made it available on both DVD and video download, so take your pick and get ready to bead.

6. A Kumihimo Bracelet Pattern Using Seed Beads & Teardrops

kumihimo bracelet pattern

It’s hard to find classy beading patterns that use teardrop beads sometimes, which makes this one even more special.

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7. These are the Kumihimo Supplies You Absolutely Have to Own

kumihimo disk

From the best kumihimo disc to the findings that work best with this kind of beading, you have to see this list if you’re just getting started.

8. What to Expect When You Begin Kumihimo

beginner kumihimo

Are weighted bobbins really necessary? How experienced in beading do you have to be to try this technique? Ashley tells all about her first experience with the art of Japanese braiding.

9. The Essential Guide to Kumihimo Braiding for Beginners

kumihimo braiding for beginners

Now that you have your kumihimo disc and you know what to expect from the craft, get started with this guide.

10. Ideas for Finishing Kumihimo Braids

finishing kumihimo braids

And when you’re at the length you want, what now? Take a squiz as this guide to finishing off your kumihimo braiding.

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