The Ultimate Guide to Beading with Cabochons

The Ultimate Guide to Beading with Cabochons

If you have a gorgeous cabochon but you’re not sure how to incorporate it into your homemade beading, you’re in luck. These are our best free tutorials, blog posts and store resources that are absolutely essentials when it comes to beading with cabochons. Get thee to Pinterest so you don’t miss out on these later!

How to Make a Beaded Bezel: The Free Tutorials

1. Free Ebook: Beading with Cabochons

beading with cabochons

This free download includes five projects involving cabochons in different styles, so you’ll be able to expand your skills with each one.

2. Make a Cabochon Bezel with Right-Angle Weave

beaded bezel tutorial

The great thing about this tutorial is that it’s applicable to any kind of project you might have in mind.

3. How to Bead a Netted Bezel with Ease

cabochon beads

Want to make a bezel but you don’t have many spare beads at home? A netted bezel is your answer. Here’s how it’s done.

4. How to Bezel a Cabochon with Peyote Stitch

peyote stitch beaded bezel tutorial

Circular brick stich is the logical next step from basic brick stitch for obvious reasons. Get it mastered with this free download.

Our Most Popular Beaded Cabochon Patterns, Books & Resources in the Interweave Store

5. DVD: How to Stitch Beaded Bezels

how to make beaded bezels

Stitch beaded bezels with a little help on video from beading expert Melinda Barta.

6. Pattern: Garden Bezel with Beads

beaded bezel pattern

There’s nothing simple about this resplendent beaded bezel that really is a garden of its own.

7.Pattern: Right Angle Weave Beaded Bezel

right angle weave beaded bezel pattern

This pattern gives you more than just a beaded bezel tutorial: you’ll also receive a pattern for findings and beaded beads to put together a smashing necklace.

8. Download: 8 Favorite Beaded Bezel Projects

beaded cabochon tutorial

We compiled this project book because customers wanted a value pack of our top sellers. But don’t take our word for it: see the reviews!

Our Most Popular Cabochon Beading Blog Posts

9. Make These Beaded Bezel Earrings

beaded cabochon earrings

This step by step tutorial for cabochon beading is a great place to start if you’ve never worked with cabochons before.

10. 3 Quick Techniques for Making a Beaded Cabochon Bezel

beaded cabochon

Once you have these techniques down pat, you’ll be able to design your own jewelry because you know about the foundations.

11. Wire Wrapping Cabochons

wire wrapping cabochons

Wire wrapping cabochons is one of the most popular ways to frame the stones. Here’s how it’s done.

12. What Kind of Bezel is Best for Your Cabochon?

beading with cabochons

Wondering what kind to choose? You have to see this blog post.

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