These are Our Best Blog Posts, Patterns & Resources for Making Bead Bracelets (Save This for Later!)

Today we’re presenting our ultimate list of 12 bracelet making patterns, tutorial collections and blog posts, both free and premium, in downloads, printed and DVD formats. We’ve chosen these based on popularity amongst our readers and usefulness, so you know you’ll find at least a few things you’ll come to love below.

How to Make Bead Bracelets at Home: The Free Tutorials

1. How to Make Bead Bracelets: A Free Ebook

how to make bead bracelets

The splendid part about this ebook is that there is something for any level of jewelry maker. If you’re just getting started you’ll enjoy the beginner beading projects, but if you’re more experienced, the complex beaded flower tutorials will rev your engine.

2. Brick Stitch Bracelet Tutorial

brick stitch bracelet tutorial

Put your simple brick stitch skills to work with this cute bracelet. Who says no to a free pattern? Not us, that’s for sure.

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3. Princess Kate DIY Bracelet Kit

bracelet kits

This kit is not only a great kit for a beginner, it also makes a remarkable gift for anyone who enjoys making their own jewelry or fashion.

4. 10 Wire Bracelet Projects: An Ebook Download

how to make wire bracelets

If you’ve got the wire and the tools and you’re ready to make wire bangles and more, this ebook can get you on your way as fast as you can download it.

5. A Kit That Has All You Need for Making Charm Bracelets

how to make charm bracelets kit

Make your own custom charm bracelet with this kit that will get you on your way to making a magnificant gift. Or, give the whole kit to a friend to put together for herself.

6. How to Make Bracelets as Simply as Possible

how to make bracelets

What differentiates this emag from others is that these projects are deadset simple. You’ll be able to put plenty of these together in a day and they’re great for beginners and group activities.

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7. The Secret to Making a Bead Bracelet that Fits

how to make a bead bracelet

If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably made the perfect DIY bracelet only to put it on and find it’s falling off your wrist. Bugger! Here’s how to make sure that doesn’t happen again.

8. 3 Remarkable Ideas for Making Bead Bracelets When You’re Out of Inspiration

making bead bracelets

From closures to colors, here’s how to regain inspiration for creating your own DIY bracelets when you’re just not feeling it.

9. How to Bead a Bracelet Without a Clasp

how to make bracelet tutorial

If you’re out of findings and you still want to bead, you’re in luck! This is how to avoid the hassle of clasps.

10. 3 Ideas for DIY Bracelet Designs

bracelet designs

How beaded ropes and two-holed beads can make things so much easier for you.

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