Before You Make Your Own Beads, These are the Tutorials You Have to See

Before You Make Your Own Beads, These are the Tutorials You Have to See

Bead making: because nobody else’s beads are quite as good as yours. Or at least they won’t be by the time you’ve been through these lessons, because you’ll be an expert in no time. Bead making for beginners and up just got a whole lot easier.

Today we’re presenting our ultimate list of 11 bead making tutorial collections and patterns, both free and premium, in downloads, printed and DVD formats. We’ve chosen these based on popularity amongst our readers and usefulness, so you know you’ll find at least a few things you’ll come to love below.

How to Make Beads at Home: The Free Tutorials

1. The Ultimate Basic Beads Making Ebook

beads making tutorial

We love this tutorial because of the sheer variety involved. You’ll learn how to make fimo beads, how to make fabric beads, how to buy handmade beads and more.

2. How to Make Fimo Beads

How to make clay beads with large holes for beaded jewelry making.

Sometimes pre-made beads just won’t cut it because you can’t find the colors you need with the right size hole. That’s why we put together this step-by-step tutorial on how to make clay beads with large holes.

3. Beaded Bead Patterns

beaded beads patterns

Beaded beads are fun to make and fun to wear, and this free project is no exception!

4. How to Make Clay Beads

polymerclay beads tutorial

Make polymer clay beads in ironic oversized shapes by following this idea, or switch up the colors and make your own beads!

Our Most Popular Bead Making Books & Resources in the Interweave Store

5.How to Make Clay Beads

how to make clay beads

Make polymer clay beads to your heart’s content with this collection of step-by-step tutorials and seemingly endless inspiration. You’ll want to have this book handy if you hope to make clay beads in the future for sure.

6. How to Make Fabric Beads

how to make fabric beads

This book is a marvellous resource to have if you regularly work with fabric and find yourself picking up cloth scraps after yourself constantly.

7. Mixed Media: How to Make Polymer Clay Beads

how to make polymer clay beads

This polymer clay beads tutorial is the perfect way to get started working with FIMO.

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8. How to Make Ceramic Beads

how to make ceramic beads

Ceramic beads are fun because they’re so easily customizable, especially if you’ve worked with the medium before. This lesson uses a mold to make things even easier.

9. 10 Tips for Making Clay Beads

making clay beads

Who would have thought basic kitchen supplies like greaseproof paper are helpful for making polymer clay beads? Find out more about that and plenty more crafty hacks.

10. Why Make Polymer Clay Beads?

making polymer clay beads

There’s nothing better than hearing from personal experience, so don’t take our word on polymer beads; listen to this woman’s story about how she got around to trying it for the first time.

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