Behind the Scenes with Martha, Kristal Wick, and Beaded Bracelets

I don't know about you, but I LOVE behind-the-scenes pictures and stories. They're like a secret peek into something more…the inner sanctum, where the magic happens! I love bloopers and outtakes from movies. It's great to see that everybody messes up or has uncontrollable giggle fits once in awhile.

My latest "behind the scenes" took place on the Martha Stewart show in NYC. I was lucky enough to accompany my BFF to the show and sit in the front row! My fave was watching the rehearsal an hour before filming live. Martha's wonderful crew were "fluffing and folding" the set constantly; touching up the walls with dabs of paint, re-hanging, and getting every detail just right. Check out Beading Daily on Facebook for more behind-the-scenes fun on our trip.

Prepping the set More makeup please Me and Martha

My personal favorite behind the scenes I'd like to share with all you beady peeps happened as we were taping my new DVD, Mixed Media:Beaded Bracelets with Fiber Beads, Crystals, Resin, and Wire. It takes a village to make these DVDs look effortless, and we had quite the crew for my shoot, including Johnny Depp. Little do you know Johnny's picture is in the teleprompter, where only I can see him, so while it looks like I'm chatting with you, my fellow beadaholics, I'm actually showing Johnny how to make mixed-media jewelry! (FYI, he's great at resin.) While filming in our studio, you can choose between Johnny, Robert Redford, Colin Firth, Hugh Jackman, or a yellow lab. So very hard to decide!

Before the magic Where's Johnny? Craft Service?

Knock on wood, we didn't have any major mishaps besides dragging my sleeve through resin (no worries, after it cured I hung it on the wall as abstract art). For each "perfect" piece you see on the DVD, there's a big old "boneyard" of casualties back at my studio. Practice pieces, jewelry that didn't make the cut or simply looked ugly (it happens folks). In any case, the set was filled with wire, glitter, piles of crystals in every color, resin, Angelina fibers, metal patinaed sheets, paint stiks, fabrics, and oh, so many other goodies I use to show you how to make FAB beaded bracelets!

Kissing crystals for good luck Lights, camera, action The cover shot for the DVD

In Hollywood, Craft Services is one of the best spreads on the movie sets for all the actors and camera crew. Many a Hollywood starlet has complained about extra inches added with Craft's name all over it! Here's our version of Craft Services aka Costco spread! Not quite the same, eh?

I'm thrilled to share my beaded bracelet techniques with all my beady peeps! Join me, Bling, and Sparkle and get going right now making fun and inspiring bauble delights with my new DVD, Mixed Media: Beaded Bracelets with Fiber Beads, Crystals, Resin, and Wire.

The best is yet to bead!



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