Beginning Bead Weaving: Surprisingly Easy Kits and Patterns To Get You Started Today

When I first started working at Interweave, I was most excited about the prospect of learning a new craft. I was already a quilter, something I picked up after a class at my local fabric store in seventh grade. But I was looking forward to all of the new crafting communities I could join at Interweave. So after the first week of running through all of my new duties as assistant editor, I was able to sit down and start learning the art of bead weaving! The editing team had gotten samples of the Diamond Fire Kit and Dancing Diamond Kit ahead of their release in the Interweave store. I was lucky enough to try out these surprisingly easy kits and to approach them as a beginning beader — a great way to see how they would be for any beginner.

Off to a Great Bead Weaving Start

I began by reading through the pattern of the blue bracelet (the Dancing Diamond kit). It was fairly simple to understand, especially having the figures that accompany the directions! I think you could probably, for the most part, just follow the expert illustrations and make the bracelet without the need to follow the text. The first few steps were really simple and soon I was flying through row after row. Brick stitch is very simple and repetitive, so much so that even someone with no experience with beading at all could pick it up.
P.S. this is a great stitch for children and the kit with nail polish would make an awesome Christmas present!

Beginning Bead Weaving: Surprisingly Easy Kits and Patterns To Get You Started Today

Working out the Kinks

While the stitch was really easy that didn’t mean I didn’t make mistakes! As any crafter knows, you can mess up just about anything if you aren’t paying attention.

One time I accidentally sewed 360 triangle sets for a quilt on the wrong ends and had to seam rip all of them! My beading mistake was not nearly as bad so I worked through it without any issues or frustration. Occasionally I would be stitching and not paying attention and add in the wrong color of bead. This happened quite often, even though I told myself to pay more attention.

To fix the mistake, I back tracked my thread and pulled out the beads until the mistake was removed. This was my biggest issue, which says a lot about how simple the project is. And this is nothing like seam ripping out your entire quilting because the needle wasn’t catching (another one of my sewing mistakes)!

I continued on without any major issues and finally finished the beautiful bracelet! I decided to add my own touch to the bracelet by using my own chain and clasp. I displayed my beautiful finished project at the next meeting because I was so proud of what I had accomplished.

Round 2: Making the Other Bracelet!

My teammates were so impressed with my bracelet that they encouraged me to make the other version, the Diamond Fire kit! So here I was, starting all over again on the other bracelet! It was nice because I had already learned the stitch and could easily move the diamond in and out, but I again found myself not paying attention and putting in the wrong bead! That is when I discovered a tip that changed everything!

To keep track of your place, use a post-it note to cover the rows you have already done. I wish I would have done that with the first bracelet, instead of just crossing out the lines as I went. In the end, I did learn more the second time around!

I have included some pictures of my finished bracelets for you to see how something that may first appear sophisticated and difficult can turn out to be much easier than it looks (especially when you don’t have to search for the materials)! So if you are looking for a quick and easy gift with a bonus gift of nail polish, check out these kits and more in the Interweave Store!

Beginning Bead Weaving: Surprisingly Easy Kits and Patterns To Get You Started TodayBeginning Bead Weaving: Surprisingly Easy Kits and Patterns To Get You Started Today

Happy Beading!
Marissa Bouska
Assistant Editor
Beadwork Magazine

Find these beginner kits and more in the Interweave Store!


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  1. Marilyn S at 6:34 pm September 1, 2017

    The designer who provided the e-book with brick-stitch patterns for butterflies, dragonflies and a honey bee recommended that we lay out the beads for each row in order just before starting it. That greatly reduces the likelihood of picking up the wrong bead, while at the same time allowing for attention lapses while actually working the row, since careful focus is needed mostly while laying out the beads on the beading mat.

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