Because We Just Can't Get Enough Beaded Necklace Designs

I don't know what it is about necklaces, but I make more beaded necklaces than any other type of beaded jewelry.  So that's why I'm excited to reintroduce this eBook: 7 Free Beaded Necklace Designs.  There is a great variety of necklaces inside – long and short, simple and elaborate, bright and understated, quick and not-so-quick.  Even a beautiful beadwoven lariat that's one of our most popular free projects on the Beading Daily site!

Designer and artist Leslie Rogalski shows you how to combine fiber-wrapped beads and seed beads for an easy, claspless necklace that won't break the bank.  Dragonfly's Garden is a lush ode to summer with its combination of bright pink and olive green pearls punctuated with whimsical pewter beads and a dash of fringe.  For some serious sparkle, the Shining Example Necklace combines a right-angle-weave crystal focal piece with simple stringing. 

We recently added two new free projects to this eBook:

Anne Merrow's Red Currant Lariat, made with twisted herringbone stitch (a personal favorite of mine!) and festooned with multiple wire-wrapped dangles.  This is an easy, sophisticated piece that you can wear over and over again!
Melinda Barta's Fried Green Tomatoes uses brightly colored seed beads to accent a beautiful and lightweight wood pendant – a perfect summer accessory for a hot day!

If you're new to making necklaces, I feel compelled to offer a warning before you dive into these designs.  I'm not worried about these particular beaded necklace designs – I'm worried about your next fifty.  After finishing this eBook, you're going to find it difficult – maybe impossible – to stop making necklaces.  Soon you'll have necklaces tucked inside boxes and drawers and draped on your desk, your dresser, your bookcase, your kitchen table, your cat, and your briefcase.  And that's just the finished ones.  Consider yourself warned!

Download your copy of 7 Free Beaded Necklace Designs and get a jump on your summer beading!


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