Beautiful Gemstones for Winter

Yes, the calender says that it's officially November, and that means I'm almost in full-on hibernation mode. Sounds like a good time to get some new gemstones for beading projects, right? This winter, I'll be looking to create some new pieces of beaded jewelry using both bead stringing and bead-weaving that incorporate some of these beautiful gemstones. Read on to find out why each gemstone is particularly good for wearing this winter!

Sunstone. During the winter, when it seems like daylight hours are preciously short, wearing sunstone is said to help inspire joy, helping one to nurture oneself, and to increase physical energy — all useful qualities when we find ourselves slogging through the wet, cold dreary days of February. Sunstone is also believed by some to help with metabolism and digestion, which doesn't mean that you should cheat on your New Year's diet, but, hey, wearing a bracelet with a couple of sunstone beads on it can't hurt, right?
Seraphinite. I bought a few drop beads made of seraphinite from an online sale a few years ago, but I didn't realize just how strongly I was attracted to this stone until I found a beautiful matching cabochon from Tradewind Studios. The lovely green and white coloring of this stone gives a hint to it's supposed powers of healing in the physical body — which makes it a great choice to carry or wear when you find yourself run down with the flu or a nasty winter cold!
Angelite. This soft blue stone, similar chemically to gypsum, reminds me of the intense blue skies that often appear the day after a winter snowstorm or blizzard. Angelite is associated with Aquarians, anyone who was born between January 20 and February 18. Some people believe that it can relieve anxiety when you find yourself in a stressful situation, which makes it perfect to carry or wear during winter travel when flights and trains are often delayed due to weather.
Lepidolite. A variety of mica, this gemstone is used metaphysically to bring bring hope in dark times (like the long dark Adirondack winters!) by providing a sense of balance and calm. Ranging in color from pink to purple, I can see why this gemstone would create a soothing, calming effect on the wearer!
Amber. Ancient cultures believed that amber was actually bits of sun that had been trapped in mineral form, so it only seems appropriate to include this on a list of gemstones for winter jewelry-making projects. I've always been attracted to this warm, nurturing stone, also sometimes referred to as a "living" gemstone because, while not technically a gemstone like the others in this list, it often feels warm to the touch. I love to mix amber with turquoise, red coral, and pink coral with silver metal accent beads.

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