Beadwork's Pattern Play Challenge Winners

And the Winners of Beadwork’s Pattern Play Challenge are . . .

 “Ooh” and “aah” were just two of the reactions heard while Beadwork’s editors were judging the entries to our latest contest. The June/July 2009 issue of Beadwork challenged readers to create a project using pattern as inspiration and, as you are about to see for yourself, the results were phenomenal! By drawing inspiration from patterns found in nature to patterned papers and fabrics, our contest entrants show us pattern is everywhere you look. I’m sure you’ll agree that the fabulous projects featured here, all created by readers like you, are impressive and inspiring.  A hearty thank you, all participants—you sure pulled out all of the stops! We hope you had as much fun making these projects as we did judging them.   


Editors’ Choice

Of course we couldn't choose just one! The Editors' Choice awards go 3 extraordinary designers. Rachel Nelson-Smith's colorful cuff was skillfully stitched to maintain the perfect arches found on the patterned card that inspired her.  We also love how Marcie Abney translated the medallion motifs found in her fabric into a beadwoven bracelet. And last but not least-Cindy Mayer's cuff, also inspired by fabric, was chosen because of its successful repetition of triangular shapes.

Most Off-the-Wall Designs 

Amongst the many, many unique designs submitted, these two stand out as the zaniest. Mikki Ferrugiaro receives this award for her “Doodles” bracelet’s playful mix of stitched flowers, bezeled cabochons, and patterned peyote base. We also recognize the work of Beth Kreutz for her energetic, clothing-inspired “Fringy Fabric Scrap Bracelet.” 

The Projects with the Most Seed Beads

So many entrants spilled out their bead stashes and beaded their hearts out, but these two designers really went to work. The winners for this category are Sandi Schadt for her sweet beaded bag and ElJean Wilson for her creative multilayered cuff. Sandi and ElJean must have stitched into the wee hours to create such wonderful seed-bead creations! 

First Entry Received

Anita Japp was the first to jump on this contest and wins the First Entry Received award. Patterned paper was the inspiration for her elegant necklace. Thank you for your enthusiasm, Anita.

More Great Project Inspiration

This year’s challenge was such a hit that we’ve decided to also dedicate next year’s June/July issue to pattern. Stay tuned to see which one of the projects featured here will be published with complete instructions in our June/July 2010 issue. (Sorry, it’s a secret, you’ll just have to wait and see.)

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