Beadwork Introduces New “Designers of the Year”

The first Beadwork issue of 2019 kicks off a whole lot of new: a new year, new designs, new concepts, and so much more! First order of business: please join me in welcoming our new Designers of the Year!

Although you’re likely familiar with each of these ladies, I’m pleased to introduce them as our Designers of the Year: Susan Sassoon, Vezsuzsi, and Wendy Ellsworth!

We are so excited to have these talented artists on our team and know you will be thrilled with the designs they will be sharing in each issue. In addition to the new bead-weaving patterns you can look forward to, each of the ladies will be offering a look into their beading journey as the year progresses.

New Designers of the Year

Left to right: Thistle Necklace by Susan Sassoon; Corentin Pendant by Vezsuzsi; Steelstack Pendant by Wendy Ellsworth

In this issue, Susan Sassoon’s Thistle Necklace is a work of art and is perfect for wearing to an art exhibit or other night-on-the-town event. Vezsuzsi’s Conrentin Pendant offers a peek at her bead-weaving skills and love for color. Wendy Ellsworth’s Steelstack Pendant gives a nod to her interest in geometric beadwork and incorporates a hyperbolic insert in the design. For more on hyperbolic inserts and geometric beadwork, read Contemporary Geometric Beadwork.

New Designers of the Year

Samburu women of Unity Village

Wendy also provides an inspirational article on Unity Village and the Samburu women.

In addition to exciting new designers, we are featuring a special topic in each issue, which will be emphasized throughout the patterns and articles. Inside this issue we bring you Bold Color! Once you see the new beaded designs, you will be transported to a land of vibrant, rich, regal, and bold color.

New Designers of the Year

Masquerade Bracelet by Shanna Steele; Bons Temps Bracelet Evelina Palmontová

With color in mind, many of us felt like we were dancing in the streets of New Orleans during Mardi Gras. This was especially the case with Shanna Steele’s latest design, Masquerade Bracelet and Evelina Palmontová’s Bons Temps Bracelet. Not only do the names evoke that New Orleans vibe, the colors are perfectly timed for the season.

New Designers of the Year

Spiraled by Nature by Sandra Lupo; Boho Serenity by Michelle McEnroe

More new . . . Fast & Fabulous is chock-full of natural materials that are right on trend. From Sandra Lupo’s Spiraled by Nature necklace made with slices of wood to Michelle McEnroe’s Boho Serenity, which combines natural materials with a floral henna motif, there is something in here for you! And, if you’re like me and you need to have the ocean close by, both Deb Floros and Anne Perry bring shells and the beachy feel front and center. Interested in learning more about natural materials? Be sure to read Katie Hacker’s article, “Natural Materials in Beading & Jewelry Making.”

From all of us here at Beadwork magazine, we wish you a wonderful New Year and look forward to bringing you new inspiration with each issue.

Editor, Beadwork

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