Beadwork February/March 2020: Beautiful Beaded Beads

We humans have been creating personal adornment for over 100,000 years! The earliest forms of adornment are shell beads found by archaeologists in Israel. Prior to this discovery, there were ostrich-eggshell beads found in Kenya that were made 82,000 years ago. More and more treasures are added to this list, and it’s so exciting to know that, even when people lived with very simple means, they had the desire to make and create things beyond the ordinary.

ABOVE: February/March 2020 Beadwork magazine; Lacy Cushion Beaded Bead by Katie Dean from the February/March issue of Beadwork magazine.

Glass trade beads emerged in the fifteenth century and were primarily used by Europeans to trade for African resources. Africans did not have the means to make glass beads, so they traded and wore those beads proudly. As technology and manufacturing has changed, so has the bead. You can now find beads made in every material imaginable. From gemstone to plastic and from metal to lace, you can find them—or you can make them!

Crystal Snowflake Beaded Bead and necklace design, complete with instructions in February/Marcy 2020 Beadwork magazine

Crystal Snowflake Beaded Bead and necklace design, complete with instructions in February/March 2020 Beadwork magazine

Beautiful Beaded Beads

In this issue, we asked our contributors for their best beaded beads. Hannah Rosner shows how to weave layers of beads to create her Crystal Snowflake bead. Your beaded beads can be as simple or complex as you want them to be, and all the beaded bead projects in the line up demonstrate how to turn the finished designs into beautiful jewelry.

Peadar Beaded Bead set by Vezsuzsi

Peadar Beaded Bead set by Vezsuzsi

Make large-hole beaded beads with Melinda Barta’s Slip Sliding Bracelet. Experiment with working beaded beads into a necklace pattern with Silke Steuernagel’s Princess Anjuli Necklace. Complete an entire look with Vezsuzsi’s Peadar Set and focus on shaped beads with Leslie Rogalski’s Turban Bead. By stitching up these tiny treasures, you’re part of a long line of beadmakers whose handcrafted beads serve as meaningful adornments.

Vintage Bouquet Necklace by Terry Ricioli

Vintage Bouquet Necklace by Terry Ricioli

As always, our Fast & Fabulous section brings you stylish jewelry-making projects that you can easily make in an evening or a weekend. In this issue, five projects bring leather and lace together in unique ways.

No matter your favorite material or technique, there is a need in each of us to create. I wish you happiness and peace as you pursue your passion.

Tammy Honaman
Editor, Beadwork magazine

FREE beaded bead pattern by Meredith Steele

beaded bead by Meredith Steele

PS: Be sure to check out this fun beaded bead post from Technical Editor Meredith Steele.

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