Highlights from Beadwork Magazine December 2018/January 2019 – Out of this World Beading Patterns

Sometimes when things come together by accident, we say it was cosmic, or fated in the stars. That must have happened in our December 2018/January 2019 issue of Beadwork, because the stars aligned and three out-of-this-world beading patterns came together by sheer happenstance! Laura Graham’s Shiva Earrings (on the cover), Estelita Chiles’ Cosmic Flora Bracelet, and Agnieszka Watts’ Stardust Nebula Necklace transport us to other worlds!

beading patterns

Laura Graham’s Shiva Earrings

Shiva Earrings by Laura Graham

When I first cast my eyes upon Laura Graham’s Shiva Earrings, I was drawn in by the whimsical and colorful design. This beading pattern is the end result of many tinkering-withs of a UFO (un-finished object!) from her stash of geometric beadwork, and is an out-of-this-world break-away from Laura’s usual work with shaped beads. The main colorway in pink and teal with the little windows of crystals whisked me away to a land of Dr. Suess and I love it.

beading patterns

Estelita Chiles’ Cosmic Flora Bracelet

Cosmic Flora Bracelet by Estelita Chiles

The crescent beads in Estelita Chiles’ Cosmic Flora Bracelet come together in a perfect little cross that reminds me of the brightest stars in the sky. Her inspiration started with the crescent beads and she reworked the design until it struck a balance of clever bead placement, layered dimension, and beautiful color. The glass pearls in the center of each flower give this beading pattern a little extra out-of-this-world glow, as the light at the center of each shining star.

beading patterns

Agnieszka Watts’ Stardust Nebula Necklace

Stardust Nebula Necklace by Agnieszka Watts

Agnieszka Watts blasted through the atmosphere of design and creativity with her Stardust Nebula Necklace. Her love for the stars and spiraling galaxies in the night sky gave her inspiration for this out-of-this-world beading pattern. The intricate components may evoke the mysteries of the endless universe, but we’ve broken it down step by step with easy to follow illustrations so you can create your own galactic-inspired necklace.

What sort of out-of-this-world designs have you materialized out of thin air? Tell us in the comments, and submit to W.O.R.D. (What Our Readers Did) by sending photos to beadworksubmissions@interweave.com and including “W.O.R.D.” in the subject line.

Meredith Steele
Technical Editor, Beadwork magazine

Featured Image: These beading patterns are out of this world!

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