Beadwork Corrections 2016

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December 2015/January 2016


Pattern Play: Cactus Flower Bracelet by Carole E. Hanley (page 28)

After working Rows 54-101 by repeating Rows 30-53 twice, you need to repeat Rows 30-23 (working backward by stitching Row 30, then Row 29, etc.). Then, stitch Rows 102-123 as shown on the diagram.

August/September 2016


Ribbon Candy Necklace by Muriel Fischler-Carmel (page 38)

The Resources text on page 39 should read as follows: Similar seed beads and cylinder beads: Fusion Beads, (888) 781-3559,


Ribbon Candy Necklace by Muriel Fischler-Carmel (page 38)

The published instructions and illustrations for this project are correct, but will cause the beadwork to spiral in the opposite direction as the necklace pictured. If you wish to form the spiral exactly as pictured, follow these revised illustrations.Fig. 1

Fig. 1Fig. 2Fig. 3

Fig. 3

October/November 2016


All That Glitters Necklace by Sara Oehler (page 24)

To achieve the pattern shown, place the wires on the disc so that 1 wire with fire-polished rondelles is in each slot on both sides of numbers 8 and 24. Place the wires with seed beads so that 1 wire with seed beads is in each slot on both sides of numbers 16 and 32.


December 2015/January 2016


Melange de Perles Necklace by Adrienne Gaskell (page 46)

In Step 2, “Beaded Section 2” should read as follows:

Beaded Section 2: Repeat Moves 1–4 twice, adding 1B on all cords. Repeat Moves 1–4, adding 2E on Cords 1a and 1b; one 6mm fire-polished round (G or F) on Cords 2a and 2b; 1B on Cords 3a and 3b; and 2C on Cords 4a and 4b. Note: On Cords 2a and 2b, you will add 1G twelve times, 1F six times, and 1G twelve times. Repeat Moves 1–4 twice, adding 1B on all cords.

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