Beadwork Corrections 2012

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February/March 2012

Eye on the Prize Bracelet by Csilla Csirmaz (page 38)

The corrected version of this project is available in Favorite Bead Stitches 2013, or contact the Beadwork editors at

Falling Leaves Lariat by Carole Horn (page 42)

Material “D” in the Materials list should be: 32 g light teal matte opaque size 15 (not size 11) seed beads.

Silver Tie Affair by Glorianne Ljubich (page 52)

Step 3, Row 64 should read: “Weave through the previous increase; don’t add the second 2E.”

Step 3, Row 67 should read: “Don’t add the first 2E; weave through the previous increase. String 2E; pass down through 1E, string 1B, and pass up through the nearest 2E.”

Figure 9: The first 2E should be marked in pink.

Season’s Delights Earrings by Alice Kharon (page 60)

In the Materials list, this material should not be listed: 1 g dark gold luster size 11⁰ seed beads (C). (These beads are not used in this project.)

In the Materials list, it should say: 20 (not 18) coral 3mm crystal pearls (E)

Step 1, Round 1 should say: “String 1A, 1E, and 1A, pass through the bottom D of the same unit, and weave through beads to exit from the top D of the next unit; repeat nine (not eight) times to embellish each right-angle-weave unit with a diagonal strand. Weave through beads to exit from an edge D in Round 1 (Fig. 3).”

Step 1, Round 3 should say: “*String 1B and pass through the top D of the next unit; repeat around to add a total of 10B (not 9B). Weave through beads to exit from a bottom D at the other edge of the ring and repeat from *, this time adding 1B between each bottom D. Exit from a side D of Round 1 (Fig. 4).”

April/May 2012

Swirl Beaded-Bead Necklace by Diane Fitzgerald (page 32)

In Step 3, delete the second sentence that says: “Repeat Round 4 again.”

Simply Seeds, Diamonds Squared, by Linda Lehman (page 76)

Step 1, Round 15 should read: 7A, 1D (not 7A, 1C)

June/July 2012

Bohemian Rhapsody Cuff by Christine Wilson (page 53)

In the following content, the corrected text appears in red:

Round 8: Alternate 1 tubular peyote stitch with 1B and 1 tubular peyote stitch with 1E. Exit from 1E added in this round.

Round 9: Work 1B in each stitch.

Round 10: String 1H and pass through the next B/E/B of the previous 2 rounds; repeat around. Exit from 1H of this round.

Round 11: *String 1B and 1F; pass through the next H of Round 10. String 1F and 1B; pass through the following H of Round 10. Repeat from * around; exit from 1F that points toward a B/H/B sequence.

Round 12: String 4C and pass through the next F/H/F; repeat around (Fig. 2, red thread). Weave through beads to exit from 1E of Round 8 that sits under 1F of Round 11, then pass through the nearest B of Round 7.

Rounds 12-14 need to be renumbered Rounds 13-15




Right on Track Bangle by Sue Charette-Hood (page 60)

In the Materials list, item D should read: 120 (not 102) metallic blue iris 5mm flat, square 2-hole beads (D)


August/September 2012

Trumpet Flower Necklace by Leslie Frazier (page 26)

Step 5, Rows 5-11 should read: Repeat Row 2 seven times, adding 7A (not 6A) between clumns for Row 5 . . .

Heroine Necklace by Jean Power (page 40)


3) Clasp angles. Stitch 3 angled pieces of beadwork that will connect to form the triangular clasp/focal:

Rows 1-6: Use 4′ of thread to stitch a strip of odd-count peyote stitch 41B wide and 6 rows long, leaving a 12″ tail.

Row 7: Work 10 stitches with 1B in each stitch, 1 stitch with 2B, and 10 stitches with 1B in each stitch. Work a figure-eight turnaround (Fig. 5).

Row 8: Repeat Row 7 (Fig. 6, black thread).

Rows 9 and 10: Work 11 stitches with 1B in each stitch, 1 stitch with 2B, and 11 stitches with 1B in each stitch. Repeat to form another row (Fig. 6, purple thread).

Rows 11 and 12: Work 12 stitches with 1B in each stitch, 1 stitch with 2B, and 12 stitches with 1B in each stitch. Repeat to form another row (Fig. 6, green thread).

Row 13: Work 13 stitches with 1B in each stitch, 1 stitch with 2B, and 13 stitches with 1B in each stitch (Fig. 6, blue thread).

Row 14: Work 27 stitches with 1B in each stitch (Fig. 6, red thread). Note: Work 1B over the 2B increase of the previous row. Secure the working thread and trim.

Rows 15-22: Working off of Row 1, use the tail thread to repeat Rows 6-13.

Zip: Fold the beadwork so Rows 22 and 14 interlock. Weave the beads together to form a seamless join.

Clasp: Tuck one-half of 1 clasp into one end of the angle so the top of the clasp is flush with the end of the beadwork. Stitch the clasp securely in place. Repeat to add a clasp to the other open end of the angle (Fig. 7). Secure the thread and trim; set the angle aside.

Repeat this entire step twice for a total of 3 clasp angles.


Figure 5 caption should read: “Forming Row 7 of the first clasp angle.”

Figure 6 caption should read, “Stitching Rows 8-14 of the angle”

NEW Figure 6:


Chevron Ribbon by Coral Kelso (page 64)

Add the following text to the beginning of Row 3: “Turn the work over and work from the end where you just secured the thread.”

NEW Figure 5:
Last Kisses of Summer by C. J. Bauschka (page 68)

Update the last paragraph of Step 2, Round 2 to read: “Repeat Rounds 1 and 2 to embellish Row 2, this time starting a new thread in the final unit of Row 2 and sharing the top 7A of the lower embellishment as the bottom 7A of the new embellishment. The embellishments should be made in this bicone color order (from left to right): E, G, H, I, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, B, C, D, E, and F. Secure the threads and trim.”

October/November 2012

Palm Coast Necklace by Sue Jackson and Wendy Hubick (page 28)
The colors of the knitted wire covered ball chain (brand name SilverSilk) listed for this project also go by these color names with the vendor: tangerine, chartreuse, baby blue, and amethyst.

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