Beadwork Corrections 2011

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December 2010/January 2011

Golden Coronet Bracelet by Kassie Inman (page 54)

Step 1, Corner 4 should read: “String 2A. String {1B and 1C} three times. Pass through all the B and C again to form a circle. Exit through the first B added (Fig. 4—blue thread). String 2A and pass through the nearest B of the first triangle (from the inside to the outside). String 2A and pass through the next B in the bead circle just formed to complete the net. String 2A, 1B, and 2A and pass through the next B added to the bead circle just formed. String 2A and pass through the nearest B in Corner 3. Weave through beads to exit between the upper 2A on the inside of Corner 3 (Fig. 4—red thread).”

Step 2, Diamond 2 should read: “Repeat Corner 2 twice. Repeat Corner 3, Corner 4, and Center.”

Aurelia Necklace by Laura McCabe (page 44)

Step 3, Loops should read: “Weave the thread of 1 bezel component through beads to exit a D in Round 4 of the base between 2 purple montees. String 28E, pass through the larger tube of 1 bail, and pass through the last D exited to form a loop. String 28E, pass through the larger tube of the bail, and through the last D exited to form a second loop (Fig. 6). Secure the thread and trim; set the piece aside.

Repeat step twice for a total of 3 single components, one time starting the loops above 1 Pacific opal monte.”

Gothic Butterfly Bracelet by Mikki Ferrugiaro (page 76)

Please follow these directions for Step 5 (Clasp Bar), Rows 1-8:

Rows 1 and 2: String 1C and 1A seven times. String 1C.

Row 3: Work 7 stitches with 1A in each stitch. String 1A and tie the working tail thread together to secure the beads. Pass back through the last A added.

Row 4: Work 7 stitches with 1A in each stitch.

Row 5: Work 8 stitches with 1C in each stitch.

Row 6: Work 7 stitches with 1D in each stitch. Weave through beads to exit from the end C of Row 1.

Row 7: Turn the beadwork so Row 1 points up. Work 7 stitches with 1D in each stitch.

Row 8: Work 8 stitches with 1E in each stitch.

The last sentence of Step 5 (Clasp Bar), Stem, should read: “Pass through the fourth E on the clasp bar, string 1E, and then pass through the fifth E to connect the stem to the bar; secure the thread and trim.” [Note: Don’t reference the red thread in Fig. 8, as it is now incorrect in relation to these updated instructions.]

February/March 2011

Diamond of Pearls Pendant by Trang Gordon (page 48)

Step 3, Layer 2 should read: “Work double-needle right-angle weave, repeating Layer 1 but using the inner A from the previous step as the inner side of each unit and the D from Layer 1 as the corners (Fig. 4).

August/September 2011

Millennium Brooch by Carol Wilcox Wells (page 40)

The beginning of Step 1, Round 8 should read: “Work circular right-angle weave with A, using the top A in Round 7 (not the top C in Round 6) as the bottom bead of each unit.”

The beginning of Step 1, Round 9 should read: “String 1B and pass through the next 2A in Round 8 (not Round 7).”

Master Class with Heather Kingsley-Heath, Albertine Necklace (page 46)

Material E in the Materials list should read: “4 (not 2) palace green 8x6mm crystal rondelles (E)”

In Steps 6 and 7, all references to C should be D.

Peak Performance by Csilla Csirmaz (page 58)

In Step 5, Toggle Bar, the tube should be 10 rows long (not 9 rows long).

October/November 2011

Cool Stuff (page 12)

The ISBN for Jewelry Fix-Ups: How to Clean, Repair and Restore your Jewelry should be: 978-1-56523-563-2

The ISBN for Jewelry Upcycled!: Techniques and projects for Reusing Metal, Plastic, Glass, Fiber, and Found Objects should be: 978-0-82309-990-0

Sleek in Silver by Hatsumi Oshitani (page 40)

The beginning of Step 1, Unit 2 should read: “String the left hole of 1C; pass up through the second group of 3A (not 3C) strung in Unit 1 and down through the left hole of the C just strung (Fig. 2).”

Jeweled Backlace by Alicia Shems (page 56)

In Step 1, “F” refers to the silver-lined sapphire size 11 seed beads.

In Step 3, “F” refers to the black-lined teal AB cylinder beads.

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